Edith (Matilda) of Scotland Timeline c1080-1118

Edith of Wessex

Born – around 1080
Died – 1st May 1118
FatherMalcolm III (Canmore) of Scotland (1031 – 1093)
Mother – Margaret (1045 – 1093)
SpouseKing Henry I of England (1068 – 1135)
ChildrenAdeleide (Empress Matilda) (1102 – 1167), William Aetheling (1103 – 1120)

c1080 (Autumn)
Edith of Scotland was born to Malcolm III (Canmore) of Scotland and Margaret, sister of Edgar Aetheling at Dunfermline, Scotland. She was the couple’s fifth child, her brothers Edward, Edmund, Edgar and Alexander had been born before her.
1080 (around)
Edith was christened. Her uncle, Robert Curthose, was godfather and her grandmother, Matilda of Flanders, wife of William I, was godmother.
1082 (around)
Edith’s sister, Mary, was born to Malcolm III (Canmore) of Scotland and Margaret.
1085 (around)
Edith’s brother David was born to Malcolm III (Canmore) of Scotland and Margaret.
1086 (around)
Edith and her sister, Mary were placed into the care of their aunt, Cristina who was a nun in the convent at Romsey, England. They were educated by the nuns in the convent. Edith learnt English, French and Latin as well as needlework and household management.
1093 (during)
Edith received a proposal of marriage from William de Warenne, Earl of Surrey but she turned him down.
1093 (during)
Edith was betrothed to Alan Rufus, Lord of Richmond. Soon after the betrothal relations between England and Scotland broke down.
1093 (13th November)
Edith’s father, Malcolm Canmore, and her brother, Edward died in battle against the English near Alnwick, Northumberland.
1093 (16th November)
Edith’s mother, Margaret, died.
1093 (late November)
Alan Rufus abandoned Edith and began a relationship with Gunhild of Wessex, daughter of Harold Godwinson.
1100 (2nd August
William II of England died while hunting in the New Forest. His brother Henry seized the throne as King Henry I.
1100 (August)
Henry I decided that he wanted to marry Edith. Before the marriage could go ahead it had to be determined that Edith had not taken holy vows during her stay in the convent at Romsey. After hearing from Edith that she had only gone to the convent for her education and that she had no wish to become a nun, permission for the marriage was granted.
1100 (11th November)
Edith married King Henry I of England at Westminster Abbey. The ceremony was performed by Anselem of Bec, Archbishop of Canterbury. The marriage represented the union of Norman and Saxon royal lines. Edith adopted the name Matilda because it was thought that the Norman barons might not respect a Queen with a Saxon name.
1100 (14th November)
Matilda was crowned Queen Consort at Westminster Abbey.
1101 (August)
A daughter, Euphemia, was born to Matilda and Henry. She died in infancy.
1102 (7th February)
A daughter, Adelaide, was born to Matilda and Henry I.
1103 (5th August)
A son William was born to Matilda and Henry I at Winchester. He was known as William Aetheling.
1114 (7th January)
Matilda’s daughter, Adelaide, married the Emperor of Germany, Henry V at Mainz, Germany. Her name was changed to Matilda on the same day. She was crowned Empress of Germany as part of the Wedding ceremony.
1118 (1st May)
Matilda died at Westminster Palace. She was buried in Westminster Abbey


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