Arthur Tudor Timeline 1486-1502

Arthur Tudor Timeline

Born – 20th September 1486
Died – 2nd April 1502
FatherKing Henry VII (1457 – 1509)
MotherElizabeth of York (1466 – 1503)
SpouseCatherine of Aragon (1485 – 1536)
Children – No children
Prince of Wales – 1490 – 1502
Preceded byEdward of Middleham 1483 – 1484
Succeeded byHenry Tudor 1504 – 1509


1486 (20th September)
Arthur Tudor was born to Henry VII and Elizabeth of York at St Swithun’s Priory, Winchester. He was styled Duke of Cornwall.
1486 (20th September)
Prince Arthur was fed by a wet nurse, Caroline Gibbons.
1486 (24th September)
Prince Arthur was christened at Winchester Cathedral by the Bishop of Worcester. His Godparents were John de Vere, Thomas Stanley, William FitzAlan, Elizabeth Woodville and Cecily of York.
1486 (late September)
Prince Arthur resided in the royal nursery at Farnham which was in the care of Elizabeth Darcy.
1489 (27th March)
Treaty of Medina del Campo
This treaty, between England and Spain, provided for the marriage of Arthur to Catherine of Aragon, youngest daughter of Ferdinand and Isabella of Spain.
1489 (29th November)
Arthur was made a Knight of the Bath before being created Prince of Wales and Earl of Chester.
1490 (27th February)
Arthur was formally invested as Prince of Wales at the Palace of Westminster.
1490 (May)
Prince Arthur was created Warden of the Marches.
1491 (during)
Prince Arthur began his formal education. He was educated by John Rede.
1491 (8th May)
Prince Arthur was made a Knight of the Garter at St George’s Chapel, Windsor Palace.
1497 (18th July)
An amendment to the Treaty of Medina del Campo declared that Catherine would come to England when Arthur was 14 years old. Her dowry of 200,000 crowns would be paid in two instalments.
1497 (25th August)
Prince Arthur and Catherine of Aragon were formally betrothed at the Palace of Woodstock. The Spanish ambassador stood proxy for Catherine.
1498 (February)
Prince Arthur made a formal appeal to the Pope to grant a dispensation enabling him to marry Catherine of Aragon before he came of age.
1499 (19th May)
Prince Arthur and Catherine of Aragon were married by proxy at Prince Arthur’s manor house at Bewdley. The Spanish ambassador stood proxy for Catherine.
1499 (late May)
Prince Arthur began to write letters in Latin to Catherine.
1499 (Summer)
Ferdinand of Aragon told Henry that he was concerned for his daughter’s future while there were other claimants to the throne alive in England. He was referring to Edward, Earl of Warwick and Perkin Warbeck both of whom were imprisoned in the Tower of London.
1499 (23rd November)
The pretender Perkin Warbeck was executed.
1499 (28th November)
Edward, Earl of Warwick was beheaded for plotting to depose the King. While in the Tower of London, Warwick had written notes to Perkin Warbeck planning to escape and overthrow the King.
1501 (during)
Thomas Linacre became Prince Arthur’s tutor. He took over from the poet Bernard Andre.
1501 (March)
Work began on building a raised platform outside St Paul’s cathedral so that Prince Arthur and Catherine of Aragon could be witnessed taking their vows.
1501 (2nd October)
Catherine of Aragon arrived in England. Her ship docked in Plymouth.
1501 (4th November)
Eager to see his bride, Prince Arthur and his father, Henry VII, rode out from London to meet her travelling party at Dogmersfield in Hampshire. They were both satisfied with what they saw.
1501 (14th November)
Prince Arthur married Catherine of Aragon in St Paul’s Cathedral. The ceremony was conducted by Henry Deane, Archbishop of Canterbury, assisted by William Warham, Bishop of London.
1501 (21st December)
Arthur and Catherine left London for Ludlow Castle where they were to make their own court.
1502 (early January)
Arthur and Catherine reached Ludlow Castle.
1502 (late March)
Arthur and Catherine were taken ill with an infection, most likely sweating sickness.
1502 (2nd April)
Arthur died.
1502 (after 2nd April)
Arthur’s body was embalmed and then lay in state.
1502 (23rd April)
Arthur’s body was taken to the parish Church at Bewdley.
1502 (25th April)
Arthur’s body was buried in a chantry in the Abbey of St Wulfstan in Worcester.


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