Aerosmith Albums In Order Of Release

Aerosmith Albums In Order Of Release

Aerosmith are an American rock band formed in Boston back in 1970. The group consists of Steven Tyler, Joe Perry, Tom Hamilton, Joey Kramer and Brad Whitford. The group are revered as one of the most successful hard rock bands ever. With album sales of well over 150 million worldwide, it’s hard to disagree with that point!

Below we break down all the studio albums, compilations and live albums the group have released over the years. 

1973 (5th January)
1974 (March 15th)
Get Your Wings
1975 (April 8th)
Toys in the Attic
1976 (May 14th)
1977 (December 9th)
Draw the Line
1978 (October 27th)
Live! Bootleg [Live Album]
1979 (November 16th)
Night in the Ruts
1980 (November 11th)
Greatest Hits [Compilation Album]
1982 (August 27th)
Rock In A Hard Place
1985 (November 4th)
Done With Mirrors
1986 (April 7th)
Classics Live! [Live Album]
1987 (June 29th)
Classics Live! II [Live Album]
1987 (August 18th)
Permanent Vacation
1988 (November 15th)
Gems [Compilation Album]
1989 (September 12th)
1991 (November 19th)
Pandora’s Box [Compilation Album]
1993 (April 20th)
Get A Grip
1994 (June 8th)
Pandora’s Toys [Compilation Album]
1994 (June 15th)
Revolution Ammunition [Compilation Album]
1994 (November 1st)
Big Ones [Compilation Album]
1994 (November 22nd)
Box of Fire [Compilation Album]
1997 (March 18th)
Nine Lives
1998 (October 20th)
A Little South of Sanity [Live Album]
2000 (November 2nd)
Classic Aerosmith: The Universal Masters Collection [Compilation Album]
2001 (March 6th)
Just Push Play
2001 (November 20th)
Young Lust: The Aerosmith Anthology
2002 (July 2nd)
O, Yeah! Ultimate Aerosmith Hits
2003 (October 7th)
20th Century Masters: The Millennium Collection [Compilation Album]
2004 (March 30th)
Honkin’ On A Bobo
2005 (25th October)
Rockin’ the Joint [Live Album]
2006 (17th October)
Devil’s Got a New Disguise: The Very Best of Aerosmith [Compilation Album]
2011 (10th May)
Tough Love: Best of the Ballads [Compilation Album]
2011 (13th September)
The Essential Aerosmith [Compilation Album]
2012 (November 6th)
Music from Another Dimension!

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