Wars Fought in the Balkans Timeline 376-1995

Balkans Wars

This timeline details the main wars that have taken place in the Balkans region


376 to 382
First Gothic War (Part of the Germanic Wars)
Fought between: The Roman Empire against The Goths
Location: The Balkans
Result: The Goths became nominal subjects of the Roman Empire.
839 to 842
839 to 842
Bulgarian-Serbian War
Fought between: Serbian Kingdom against Bulgarian Empire
Location: Balkan Peninsula
Result: Serbian victory
854 to 1000
Bulgarian-Croatian War
Fought between: Croatian Kingdom against Bulgarian Empire
Location: Western Balkan Peninsula
Result: Inconclusive
30th June 1876 to 28th February
Serbo-Turkish War
Fought between: Serbia against Ottoman Empire
Location: Serbia
Result: Serbian victory, Serbia gained independence
24th April 1877 to 3rd March 1878
Russo-Turkish War
Fought between: Russia, Romania, Serbia, Montenegro against Ottoman Empire
Result: Ottoman Empire defeat
1912, 8th October to 1913, 13th May
First Balkan War
Fought between: Ottoman Empire against Balkan League (Greece, Serbia, Montenegro, Bulgaria)
Location: Balkan Peninsula
Result: Balkan League victory
1913, 16th June 1913 to 18th July
Second Balkan War
Fought between: Bulgaria against Greece, Serbia, Montenegro, Ottoman Empire, Romania
Location: Balkan Peninsula
Result – Bulgarian defeat
1939, 1st September to 1945, 2nd September
World War II Balkans Campaign
Fought between: Axis Powers – Germany, Italy, Hungary, Bulgaria against against Allies – United Kingdom, New Zealand, Australia, Greece, Yugoslavia
Location: Albania, Greece, Yugoslavia
Result: Axis victory
1988, 1st March to 1999, 10th June
Kosovo War
Fought between: Kosovo, Albania, Croatia, NATO against Yugoslavia
Location: Yugoslavia, Kosovo, Albania
Result: Yugoslav troops withdrew from Kosovo
1991, 31st March to 1995, 12th November
Croatian War of Independence
Fought between: Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina against Yugoslavia, Serbs
Location: Croatia
Result: Croatian victory
1991, 27th June to 1991, 7th July
The Ten Day War
Fought between: Slovenia against Yugoslavia
Location: Slovenia
Result: Slovenian victory
1992, 1st March to 1995, 14th December
Bosnian War
Fought between: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, NATO against Yugoslavia
Location: Bosnia and Herzegovina
Result: Stalemate, partition of Bosnia and Herzegovina


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