Uhtred the Bold of Bamburgh Timeline d. 1016

Likeness UnknownFather – Waltheof I of Bamburgh
Mother – not known
Spouse – not known
Children – not known

The character Uhtred of Bebbanburg in The Lost Kingdom and Bernard Cornwell’s novels is based on Uhtred the Bold.


971 (around)
Uhtred the Bold was born the son of Waltheof, ealdorman of Bamburgh.
995 (during)
Uhtred helped clear the site of the new Durham Cathedral where the remains of St Cuthbert were to be laid.
995 (around)
Uhtred married Ecgfrida, the daughter of Bishop Aldhun who had founded the new cathedral at Durham after Uhtred established an episcopal see there. As part of the marriage settlement he gained some former church estates.
997 (around)
A son, Eadred, was born to Uhtred and Ecgfrida.
999 (around)
A son, Eawulf, was born to Uhtred and Ecgfrida.
1006 (during)
Siege of Durham
King Malcolm II of Scotland invaded the north and lay siege to Durham. Uhtred raised a sizeable army, broke the siege and defeated the Scots. The heads of the Scots were displayed on poles.
1007 (during)
As a reward for defeating the Scots Uhtred was made ealdorman of Bamburgh by King Aethelred II even though his father was still alive.
1007 (during)
King Aethelred made Uhtred ealdorman of York after ealdorman Aelfhelm was murdered by Edric Streona on the orders of the King most likely because Aelfhelm had not raised forces against the invasion of Malcolm II.
1007 (around)
Uhtred put his wife, Ecgfrida, aside and married Sige, the daughter of Styr, a rich citizen of York.
1008 (around)
A son, Eadulf, was born to Uhtred and Sige.
1009 (around)
A son, Gospatrick, was born to Uhtred and Sige.
1013 (during)
The Viking, Sweyn Forkbeard, landed at the Humber with an invasionary force and proceeded to the town of Gainsborough.
1013 (December)
Uhtred had no choice but to submit to Sweyn who had made himself King of England.
1013 (December)
King Aethelred fled to Normandy and Sweyn took the crown of England.
1014 (3rd February)
Sweyn Forkbeard died. He wanted his son Cnut to inherit the throne but the people rejected Cnut and called for Aethelred to return from Normandy.
1014 (March)
Uhtred swore allegiance to King Aethelred after he returned to England.
1014 (Summer)
Uhtred married Aethelred’s daughter Aelfgifu after divorcing his second wife, Sige. It is possible that Aethelred wanted to ensure Uhtred’s loyalty by binding him in marriage.
1016 (during)
Battle of Carham
Malcolm II had allied with Owain the Bald, King of Strathclyde and invaded Northumbria. Once again Uhtred raised a force but this time was no match for the Scots. Some sources claim Uhtred died during this battle while others claim the battle was held in 1018 after Uhtred’s death.
1016 (Spring)
Uhtred fought with Edmund Ironside against the forces of Cnut who was determined to take the throne. Cnut took Northumbria and Uhtred was forced to submit to his rule.
1016 (23rd April)
King Aethelred died and Edmund Ironside was proclaimed King Edmund II.
1016 (30th November)
Cnut became King after the death of Edmund Ironside.
1016 (late)
Cnut called Uhtred to a meeting. As he made his way to meet Cnut he was ambushed and murdered by Thurbrand. Uhtred’s sons avenged his death by murdering Thurbrand beginning a feud between the two families.


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