Richard of Shrewsbury, Duke of York Timeline 1473-1483

Richard of Shrewsbury Duke of YorkBorn – 17th August 1473
Died – not known – last seen alive August 1483
FatherKing Edward IV (1442 – 1483)
MotherElizabeth Woodville (1437 – 1492)
SiblingsKing Edward V (1470 – c1483), Elizabeth of York (1466 – 1503), Mary (1467 – 1482), Cecily (1469 – 1507), Margaret (1472), Anne (1475 – 1511), George (1477 – 1479), Catherine (1479 – 1527), Bridget (1480 – 1517)
Spouse – Not married
Children – No children
Known to History – as one of the Princes in the Tower


1473 (17th August)
Richard of Shrewsbury was born to Edward IV and Elizabeth Woodville at the Dominican Friary, Shrewsbury.
1474 (28th May)
Richard, was created Duke of York.
1475 (during)
Richard’s father negotiated a peace with Scotland.
1475 (during)
Richard’s father invaded France with a large army to support his Burgundian allies against France.
1475 (2nd November)
Richard’s sister, Anne, was born to Edward and Elizabeth Woodville at the Palace of Westminster.
1476 (12th June)
Richard was created Earl of Nottingham.
1477 (7th February)
Richard was created Duke of Norfolk and Earl Warenne.
1477 (March)
Richard’s brother, George, was born to Edward and Elizabeth Woodville at the Palace of Westminster.
1478 (15th January)
Richard, aged four, was married to Anne de Mowbray, Countess of Norfolk, aged five. This meant that he could inherit the Norfolk estate.
1478 (18th February)
Richard’s uncle, George Duke of Clarence, was tried for treason and executed.
1479 (March)
Richard’s brother, George, died at Windsor Castle.
1479 (8th July)
Richard’s elder brother, Edward, was created Earl of March.
1479 (14th August)
Richard’s sister, Katherine, was born to Edward and Elizabeth Woodville at Eltham Palace, Kent.
1480 (during)
Richard’s father, King Edward IV made an alliance with Francis II Duke of Brittany that was to be sealed with the marriage of Richard’s brother, Edward, to the Duke’s daughter, Anne.
1480 (20th November)
Richard’s sister, Bridget, was born to Edward and Elizabeth Woodville at Eltham Palace, Kent.
1481 (around 19th November)
Richard’s wife, Anne de Mowbray, died.
1482 (23rd May)
Richard’s sister, Mary, died at Greenwich Palace, Westminster.
1483 (Easter)
Richard’s father became ill. He nominated his brother, Richard Duke of Gloucester to be regent and protect his sons in the event of his death.
1483 (9th April)
Richard’s father, King Edward IV, died at the Palace of Westminster. Richard’s brother Edward became King and Richard was heir to the throne.
1483 (1st May)
Elizabeth Woodville, took Richard, her five daughters and her brother Lionel into sanctuary at Westminster Abbey.
1483 (4th May)
Richard’s brother, Edward reached London under the protection of his uncle Richard Duke of Gloucester.
1483 (8th May)
Richard’s uncle, Richard Duke of Gloucester was officially appointed Lord Protector.
1483 (19th May)
Richard’s brother, Edward, was placed in the Tower of London.
1483 (16th June)
Elizabeth Woodville was persuaded to place Richard into the custody of Richard Duke of Gloucester, possibly in order to maintain the safety of her other children. Prince Richard joined his brother in the Tower of London.
1483 (22nd June)
Ralph Shaw preached a sermon at St Paul’s Cross, stating that Edward IV had been contracted to marry Eleanor Butler when he married Elizabeth Woodville. This meant that his marriage to Elizabeth Woodville was invalid and his children all illegitimate.
1483 (25th June)
Parliament declared that as Edward IV’s marriage to Elizabeth Woodville was invalid his children were illegitimate and could not succeed to the throne. The children of Richard of Gloucester’s older brother, George Duke of Clarence had been denied succession rights due to their father’s treason. This meant that Richard Duke of Gloucester was the rightful King.
1483 (25th June)
Richard’s maternal grandfather, Earl River, was found guilty of treason and executed the same day.
1483 (26th June)
Richard, Duke of Gloucester, took the throne as King Richard III.
1483 (July)
Richard and his brother Edward were last seen playing in the gardens of the Tower.
1483 (6th July)
King Richard was crowned King Richard III. The princes Richard and Edward did not attend the coronation.
1483 (9th July)
The princes’ servants were dismissed.
1483 (August)
The princes, Richard and Edward were last seen at the windows of the Tower.
1674 (during)
The bones of two children were found buried beneath a stairway in the Tower. At the time it was believed that these were the bones of the two Princes in the Tower and Charles II ordered them to be re-interred in Westminster Abbey. More recent examination of the bones has failed to determine that the bones belonged to the two princes.


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