Pokémon Trading Card Expansion Sets 1999-Present

Charizard Pokémon CardA timeline of Pokémon Expansion Sets for the Trading Card Game

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Original Series
9th January 1999
Base Set
102 cards including 16 Holos and 8 basic energy cards. Cards from the first print run are marked with a 1 which has the word edition above it.
16th June 1999
This expansion set added 64 cards which included 16 new Holos and 1 new trainer card. As with the base set cards from the first print were marked 1 edition.
8th October 1999
The Fossil set contains 62 cards including 15 holographic cards.
24th February 2000
Base Set 2
This set contains 130 cards most of which are reprints from the 1999 sets. There are 20 Holo cards, 12 rare, 32 uncommon, 36 common, 23 Trainer cards and 7 energy cards.
24th April 2000
Team Rocket
This set contains 82 cards and introduced Dark Pokémon. Dark Raichu was the first Secret Rare card with the number 83/82.
Gym Series
14th August 2000
Gym Heroes
This set is based around Gym Leaders. It contains 132 cards and introduced Stadium cards. There are 19 Holographic cards in this set.
16th October 2000
Gym Challenge
This set contains 132 cards and contains 20 Holographic cards including 4 Gym Leaders.
Neo Genesis Set
16th December 2000
Neo Genesis Base
This set contains 111 cards including 19 Holofoil cards and introduced Darkness and Metal Pokémon. It was the first set to contain Generation II Pokémon.
1st June 2001
Neo Discovery
This set contains 75 cards with more Generation II Pokémon and includes 17 Holofoil cards.
31st July 2001
Southern Islands
This was a mini-set of just 18 cards with no rares or holos.
21st September 2001
Neo Revelation
There are 64 cards in this expansion set which saw Shining Pokémon cards for the first time and included 2 Secret Rare cards.
28th February 2002
Neo Destiny
This set of 105 features Dark Pokémon and Light Pokémon. It includes 8 Secret Rare cards.
Legendary Collection Series
24th May 2002
Legendary Collection
This set of 110 cards is a set of reprints from Base Set, Jungle, Fossil and Team Rocket. It was produced to allow these cards to be used in tournaments. Featured for the first time was a parallel set of reverse holographic cards.
Expedition (e-card) Series
15th September 2002
Expedition Base Set
This set of 165 cards with 32 Holo cards, introduced Supporter Trainer cards for the first time. It also included codes in the form of dots that could be scanned.
15th January 2003
There are 186 in this expansion set which introduced minigames which could be played by scanning in dot codes. Crystal Type power also made its debut.
12th May 2003
This set of 182 cards also used codes which could be scanned. It was the last set published by Wizards of the Coast.
EX Series
18th June 2003
EX Ruby and Sapphire
This was the first expansion published by Pokémon USA Inc and the first produced in English. Cards in this set took on a new format which is still used today. The 109 cards included 14 Holos and introduced 3rd generation Pokémon.
17th September 2003
EX Sandstorm
This set comprises 100 cards of which 14 are Holos and 7 are Rare Holo ex.
24th November 2003
EX Dragon
This set comprises 100 cards of which 12 are Holo and 3 are Secret Rare cards.
15th March 2004
EX Magma vs Team Aqua
There are 95 cards in this expansion set including 2 Secret Rare cards.
14th June 2004
EX Hidden Legends
102 cards make up this set which includes 1 Secret Rare.
30th August 2004
EX Fire Red and leaf Green
This set comprises 116 cards including 17 Holo and 4 sSecret Rare.
8th November 2004
EX Team Rocket Returns
This set comprises 109 cards including 14 Holo and 2 Secret Rare. This set introduced dark Pokémon for the first time.
1st February 2005
EX Deoxys
Released to coincide with the Pokémon movie Destiny Deoxys, there are a total of 107 cards including 15 Holographic and 1 Secret Rare card.
9th May 2005
EX Emerald
106 cards including 11 Holographic character cards and 6 holographic energy cards. This set was largely comprised of Japanese subsets and was only released in English.
22nd August 2005
EX Unseen Forces
There are a total of 14 EX cards, 28 Unown cards and 2 Secret Rare in this set of 145 cards.
31st October 2005
EX Delta Species
This Pokémon expansion set contains 113 cards and introduces Delta Species Pokémon. There are 18 Holo cards.
13th February 2006
EX Legend Maker
93 cards make up this set including 1 Secret Rare card.
3rd May 2006
EX Holon Phantoms
Delta Species Pokémon made a return in this set of 111 cards.
30th August 2006
EX Crystal Guardians
This set contains a total of 100 cards and includes 13 Holographic cards.
8th November 2006
EX Dragon Frontiers
Delta Species Pokémon appeared for the last time in this set of 101 cards.
14th February 2007
EX Power Keepers
This set of 108 cards was only released in English. It was the last set in the EX series.
Diamond and Pearl Series
23rd May 2007
Diamond and Pearl Base Set
Fourth generation Pokémon feature for the first time in this set of 130 cards. Pokémon EX were replaced by Pokémon LVX and the cards had a new design with larger images and descriptions.
22nd August 2007
Mysterious Treasures
This set contains 124 cards including 18 Holo cards and 1 Secret Rare.
7th November 2007
Secret Wonders
There are 132 cards in this set which introduced items for the first time.
13th February 2008
Great Encounters
This set is comprised of 106 cards. Darkrai made its first appearance and more LV.X cards are included.
21st May 2008
Majestic Dawn
This Pokémon expansion set is comprised of 100 cards and includes 14 Holo cards and 4 rare Holo LV.X.
20th August 2008
Legends Awakened
A larger expansion with 146 cards, this set includes 17 Holos and 7 Holo LV.X cards.
5th November 2008
This set contains 105 cards and is the final expansion in the Diamond and Pearl Series. There are 11 Holo Cards, 5 Holo LV.X cards and 3 shiny cards.
Platinum Series
11th February 2009
Platinum Base Set
This was the first set in the Platinum series and it introduced Pokémon SP. The set has 133 cards including 6 Pokémon LV.X and 6 Secret Rares.
16th May 2009
Rising Rivals
120 cards make up this Pokémon expansion set which includes 6 Secret holofoil cards. Pokémon Rotom were introduced.
19th August 2009
Supreme Victors
This set comprises 153 cards including 3 new LV.X, 2 new SP and 3 shiny Secret Rare cards.
4th November 2009
Arceus Pokémon were introduced in this set which is based on the movie Arceus and the Jewel of Life. The set comprises 111 cards including 12 Secret Rare.
HeartGold SoulSilver (HGSS) Series
10th February 2010
HGSS Base Set
This set saw Pokémon LV.X replaced by Pokémon Prime and the introduction of Pokémon Legend cards. There are 124 cards in total including 1 Secret Rare card.
12th May 2010
There are 96 cards in this Pokémon expansion set including 6 Prime, 6 Legend and 1 Secret Rare card.
18th August 2010
91 cards make up this 3rd set in the HGSS series. The set includes 6 Prime, 4 Legend and 1 Secret Rare card.
3rd November 2010
This set has a total of 103 cards and is the last set to feature Pokémon Prime and Pokémon Legend cards.
9th February 2011
Call of Legends
Call of Legends was only released in English and contains 106 previously unreleased cards. 11 cards are Secret Rares.
Black and White Series
6th April 2011
Black and White Base Set
Based on the Pokémon game ‘Black and White’ this set has 115 cards. 69 new Pokémon, including Pokémon V, were introduced and full art cards made their debut. Trainer cards became designated Supporter or Stadium for the first time in this series. Also included for the first time were online code cards for playing the game online.
31st August 2011
Emerging Powers
This set contains 98 cards including 2 full art cards. It was the first set to contain reverse holofoil cards.
16th November 2011
Noble Victories
102 cards make up this Pokémon expansion set. Included are 5 full art cards and a Secret Rare card.
8th February 2012
Next Destinies
Pokémon EX cards were introduced in this expansion. The 103 cards include 4 Secret Rares.
9th May 2012
Dark Explorers
There are 111 cards in this set including 12 EX cards and 3 Secret Rare cards.
15th August 2012
Dragons Exalted
The Dragon Pokémon type were introduced in this set. There are 128 cards including 4 Secret Rares.
7th November 2012
Boundaries Crossed
This set was based on the game ‘Pokémon Black 2 and White 2’. It contains 153 cards and features 4 new special Ace Spec cards.
6th February 2013
Plasma Storm
Team Plasma, featuring a blue border, make their debut in this set of 138 cards. Included are 5 rare EX cards and 3 Secret Rares.
8th May 2013
Plasma Freeze
This set has 122 cards including 6 Pokémon EX cards and 6 Secret Rares.
14th August 2013
Plasma Blast
105 cards make up this Pokémon expansion set which includes 4 Secret Rares.
6th November 2013
Legendary Treasures
This was the final expansion for the Black and White series. It contains 140 cards including 25 Radiant Collection (RC) cards, 13 EX and 7 full art cards.
XY Series
5th February 2014
XY Base Set
This new series introduced Fairy-type cards and 11 are featured in the base set. It also introduced Mega Evolution Pokémon. There are 150 cards including 6 Secret Rares.
7th May 2014
This expansion introduced 15 new Trainer cards, 3 more Mega Evolutions and 5 new EX cards. There are a total of 109 cards including 3 Secret Rares.
13th August 2014
Furious Fists
10 new Trainer cards, 2 more Mega Evolutions and 5 new EX cards were added with this set of 113 cards.
5th November 2014
Phantom Forces
This Pokémon expansion set contains 122 cards including 2 new Mega EX cards and 7 new EX cards.
4th February 2015
Primal Clash
The 5th expansion in the XY series added 164 new cards including 12 new EX cards and 4 Secret Rares.
25th March 2015
Double Crisis
This is a special subset only available in Collection Sets and blister packs. There are 34 cards in total.
6th May 2015
Roaring Skies
Roaring Skies added 110 new cards including 11 new EX, 4 Mega Evolution and 9 full art rare ultra cards.
12th August 2015
Ancient Origins
This set added 100 new cards with 14 new EX cards and 3 secret full art cards.
4th November 2015
A new type of Evolution called BREAK was added with this expansion set. It contains 164 cards including 2 Mewtwo Secret Rare full art cards.
3rd February 2016
5 new Pokémon BREAK cards were introduced in this set of 123 cards. Also included are 11 new EX cards.
22nd February 2016
Generations was a special celebratory set produced to mark the 20th anniversary of the Trading Card Game. It has 115 cards – 83 base set plus 32 Radiant Collection (RC) cards. Booster packs are only available in special collection sets.
2nd May 2016
Fates Collide
This set added a further 125 cards including 13 new Pokémon EX and 5 new BREAK cards.
3rd August 2016
Steam Siege
116 cards feature in this penultimate expansion of the XY series. It includes 6 new EX, 7 new BREAK and 8 dual-type cards.
2nd November 2016
This set also commemorated the 20th Anniversary of the Trading Card Game and was mostly modern reprints of older cards. It contains 113 cards including 5 Secret Rare.
Sun and Moon Series
3rd February 2017
Sun and Moon Base Set
This new series introduced Pokémon GX and Alolan Pokémon. This set of 163 cards included Secret Rare Trainer cards for the first time.
5th May 2017
Guardians Rising
169 cards comprise this Pokémon expansion set featuring 12 new GX cards and 24 Secret Rare cards.
4th August 2017
Burning Shadows
The release of this set was timed to coincide with the release of ‘Pokémon the Movie: I Choose You!’ and includes characters from the film. The set contains 140 cards including 12 new GX and 6 new full art Supporter cards.
6th October 2017
Shining Legends
This is a special expansion set comprising 78 cards which include 6 shining Pokémon, 4 new GX and 3 new full art cards. Shining Legends cards can only be purchased in Blister Packs, Collector Sets or Elite Trainer Boxes.
3rd November 2017
Crimson Invasion
124 cards make up this 4th Pokémon expansion set of the Sun and Moon series. There are 8 new GX cards, 9 new Trainer cards and 1 Special Energy card. Ultra Beasts appear for the first time.
2nd February 2018
Ultra Prism
Prism Star cards feature for the first time in English sets. There are 173 cards in total including 10 new GX, 6 Prism Star and 17 Secret Rare cards.
4th May 2018
Forbidden Light
This set has 146 cards including 10 new GX, 5 Prism Star cards and 15 Secret Rares.
3rd August 2018
Celestial Storm
A further expansion in the Sun and Moon series, this set has 183 cards including 15 Secret Rare.
7th September 2018
Dragon Majesty
This expansion focuses on Dragon-type Pokémon and contains 78 cards including 8 Secret Rare. It is a special set only available as collector sets or triple pack blister sets.
2nd November 2018
Lost Thunder
This largest expansion to date contains 236 cards including 7 Prism Star cards, 13 GX, 4 Ultra Beasts, 20 Trainer cards and 22 Secret Rare.
1st February 2019
Team Up
Tag Team GX cards made their first appearance in this set of 196 cards which focuses on the Kanto region. There are 15 Secret Rare cards.
29th March 2019
Detective Pikachu
This was a special 18 card set released to coincide with the premiere of the movie of the same name. Packs of 4 cards are only available in special sets.
3rd May 2019
Unbroken Bonds
234 cards were released with this Pokémon expansion set. It includes 7 new Tag Team GX, 7 new GX, 25 Trainer cards, a new Special Energy card and 20 Secret Rare cards.
2nd August 2019
Unified Minds
This set contains 258 cards including 8 new Tag Team Pokémon GX, 9 more Pokémon GX, 25 new Trainer cards, 2 new Special Energy cards.
23rd August 2019
Hidden Fates and Shiny Vault
This was a special Pokémon expansion set only available in special Collection Sets. The Hidden Fates set contains 69 cards while there are 94 shiny cards in the Shiny Vault subset.
1st November 2019
Cosmic Eclipse
This final set in the Sun and Moon series comprises 271 cards including 9 new Tag Team Pokémon GX, 7 more Pokémon GX and 20 new Trainer cards.
Sword and Shield (SWSH) Series
7th February 2020
Sword and Shield Base Set
This new series saw the replacement of GX cards with Pokémon V and VMax cards. This base set includes 216 cards including 14 Secret Rare cards.
1st May 2020
Rebel Clash
There are 209 cards in this expansion set including 15 Pokémon V and 7 VMax cards. The set also includes 15 Trainer and 4 Special Energy cards.
14th August 2020
Darkness Ablaze
201 cards make up this set which includes 14 Pokémon V and 7 VMax. The set also includes 15 Trainer, 4 special energy cards and 12 Secret Rares.
25th September 2020
Champion’s Path
This is a special expansion set with booster packs only available in Elite Trainer Boxes or special Collection Sets. There are 80 cards including 11 Pokémon V and 3 gigantic VMax. The set also includes 19 Trainer cards and 7 Secret Rares.
13th November 2020
Vivid Voltage
There are 208 cards in this set including 11 Pokémon V, 6 VMax, 16 Trainer and 4 special energy cards. This set also includes 6 new Amazing Rare and 23 Secret Rare cards.
19th February 2021
Shining Fates
This expansion marks the first special set to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the Pokémon Trading Card Game. It includes 190+ cards with at least 100 Shiny Pokémon, 30 Pokémon V and VMax. Demand for this set is unprecedented and it sold out ahead of launch.
19th March 2021
Battle Styles
There are 163 cards in this expansion set. Single and Rapid Strike cards make their debut in this set and look set to be a big hit with players of the Trading Card game.
18th June 2021
Chilling Reign
This set contains 198 cards + secret rares. Like the Battle Styles set, it includes cards with the Single and Rapid Strike form.
27th August 2021
Evolving Skies
This set is based on the Japanese sets Skyscraping Perfection and Blue Sky Stream and includes the highly anticipated Eevee Eeveelutions set. It will contain 200+ cards.
8th October 2021
Pokémon Celebrations
This is a special set produced to celebrate Pokémon’s 25th Anniversary and will contain 70 cards.
12th November 2021
Fusion Strike
This set contains 264 cards before secret rares and is the largest expansion set to date. It also introduces a new mechanic – Fusion Strike which sits alongside Single and Rapid Strike forms introduced with the Battle Styles expansion.
25th February 2022
Brilliant Stars
This set contains 172 cards before secret rares plus a Trainer Gallery of 30 cards. It introduced the VSTAR form which is set to replace VMAX. V Pokémon can evolve into VSTAR.
27th May 2022
Astral Radiance
This set contains 180 cards before secret rares and a Trainer Gallery of 30 cards. It introduces Radiant Pokémon to the game.
1st July 2022
Pokémon Go Expansion
This special set will be released from 1st July 2022. It has 78 cards before secret rares. As a special set booster packs can only be found in Elite Trainer Boxes, Collection Sets and Tins.
26th August 2022
Lost Origin
Details not yet known


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