Pepin the Short Timeline 714-768

Pepin the Short

Born – 714
Died – 24th September 768
Father – Charles Martel (688 – 741)
Mother – Rotrude of Hesbaye (c. 720 – 783)
Spouses – m. 741 – Bertrada of Laon (c720 – 783)
Children – Charles (Charlemagne) (742 – 814), Carloman (751 – 771), Pepin (756 – 762), Gisela (757 – 810)
King of the Franks – 751 – 768 
Predecessor – Childeric III 743 – 751
SuccessorCharlemagne 768 – 814, Carolman I 768 – 771


714 (around)
Pepin the Short was born to Charles Martel and Rotrude of Hesbaye. He was the couple’s second son, his elder brother Carloman had been born earlier. Pepin also had three sisters Hiltrud, Landrade and Auda.
715 (during)
Charles Martel was appointed Mayor of the Palace of Austrasia. This was an important position and involved managing the Royal palace.
718 (during)
Charles Martel was appointed Mayor of the Palace of Neustria. This position was very important and involved managing the Royal palace and the region. The King took no part in the government.
720 (around)
Pepin began his education. He was taught by the monks of St Denis.
741 (22nd October)
Charles Martel, died. Pepin became Mayor of the Palace of Neustria while his elder brother Carloman became Mayor of the Palace of Austrasia. They captured their half-brother Grifo after he demanded a share of their inheritance and imprisoned him in a monastery.
741 (during)
Pepin married Bertrada, daughter of Caribert of Laon. However, they had to wait for the Pope to sanction their marriage as they were closely related.
742 (during)
Pepin faced an uprising by Hunald I of Aquitaine. He put it down with the support of his brother Carloman.
742 (during)
Carloman faced an uprising by the Saxons which Pepin helped him supress.
742 (during)
Carloman faced an uprising by Odilo, Duke of Bavaria his brother helped him supress the rising.
743 (during)
Pepin and Ccarloman chose Childeric to be titular King Childeric III.
744 (during)
Carloman faced another uprising by Odilo, Duke of Bavaria. Peace was established when Odilo married Hiltrude, his sister
745 (during)
Hunald I of Aquitaine revolted against Pepin again but was unsuccessful.
747 (2nd April)
A son, Charles, was born to Pepin the Short and Bertrada. The couple were still waiting for their marriage to be sanctioned by the Pope. Some sources give the year of birth as 742.
747 (15th August)
Carloman, renounced his position and became a monk. He founded a monastery on Monte Soratte before retreating to the Abbey at Monte Cassino.
747 (15th August)
Pepin took his brother’s position and became Mayor of the Palaces of Neustria and Austrasia.
747 (late)
Pepin’s half-brother Grifo escaped imprisonment. He was taken in by Odilo of Bavaria, Pepin’s brother-in-law.
748 (18th January)
Odilo of Bavaria died. Grifo, Pepin’s half-brother, tried to take the dukedom for himself. Pepin invaded Bavaria and installed Tassilo, Odilo’s young son, as Duke under his own overlordship.
749 (during)
The marriage of Pepin and Bertrada was finally sanctioned by the Pope.
751 (during)
Pepin the Short became King of the Franks. He had persuaded Pope Zachary to depose Childeric III on the grounds that the man with power should be king rather than the one with royal lineage. Pepin was the first Carolingian King of the Franks.
751 (during)
A son, Carloman was born to Pepin the Short and Bertrada.
752 (during)
Pepin invaded Septimania (Catalonia) and took control of the eastern region.
752 (early)
Pepin the Short gave his support to Stephen II who was seeking to become the new Pope. He went to war against Aistulf, King of the Lombards and forced him to return Ravenna which he had seized from the church.
754 (early)
Pope Stephen II asked for Pepin’s support against Lombardy. Pepin’s brother, Carloman left the Abbey at Monte Cassino and begged Pepin not to invade Italy. Pepin refused and imprisoned his brother in Vienne, south of Lyon.
754 (28th July)
Pepin the Short took his two sons to St Denis near Paris, where they were blessed by Pope Stephen II. The Pope announced that all future Kings of the Franks should be of Pepin’s line.
754 (17th August)
Carloman died in prison in Vienne.
756 (during)
A son, Pepin was born to Pepin the Short and Bertrada.
756 (during)
Donation of Pepin
Pepin had made a number of conquests in Italy. He now donated these to the Pope
757 (during)
A daughter, Gisela was born to Pepin the Short and Bertrada.
759 (during)
Pepin succeeded in driving the Moors out of Septimania.
760 (during)
Roussillon was conquered. Pepin then began a campaign to take Aquitaine from Duke Waiofar
767 (during)
Pepin succeeded in taking Aquitaine from Duke Waiofar.
768 (24th September)
Pepin the Short died while on campaign. Charles and his brother Carloman succeeded jointly as King Charles II and King Carloman I.


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