Melania Trump Timeline 1970-Present

Melania Trump

Born – 26th April 1970
Father – Viktor Knavs (b. 1944)
Mother – Amalija Ulcnik (b. 1945)
Spouse – m. 2005 – Donald Trump (b. 1946)
Children – Barron (b. 2006)
First Lady of the United States – 1917 – Present
– Michelle Obama


1970 (26th April)
Melania Trump was born Melanija Knavs to Viktor Knavs and Amalija Ulcnik at Novo Mesto, Yugoslavia (Slovenia). Her father worked in the motor industry while her mother made patterns for children’s clothing. She was the couple’s second child, her sister Ines had been born earlier.
1970 (around)
Although Yugoslavia was a part of the Soviet Bloc, Melania’s parents had her secretly baptised into the Catholic faith.
1975 (around)
Melania began modelling clothes made from the patterns her mother designed.
1984 (around)
The Knavs family moved to the town of Sevnica.
1986 (during)
Melania attended the Secondary School of Design and Photography in Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia.
1986 (during)
Melania began modelling professionally. She changed her surname to Knauss.
1988 (during)
Melania began a course in architecture and design at the University of Ljubljana.
1989 (during)
Melania dropped out of university and focused on her modelling career.
1992 (during)
Knauss became an international model after coming second in a prestigious modelling competition.
1995 (during)
Melania Knauss was introduced to Paolo Zampoli, co-owner of Metropolitan Models. Zampoli, a friend of Donald Trump, persuaded Melania to move to the United States.
1996 (January)
Knauss appeared in the French Men-only magazine Max with another female model.
1996 (during)
Melania Knauss moved to Manhattan, New York.
1998 (during)
Melania began a relationship with Donald Trump a wealthy, successful married businessman.
1999 (during)
Donald Trump’s father died and left his estate of around $250 million to his four children.
1999 (during)
Donald and his wife, Marla were divorced.
2000 (January)
Knauss appeared nude on the front cover of GQ magazine.
2004 (April)
Donald Trump and Melania Knauss became engaged.
2005 (22nd January)
Melania Knauss married Donald Trump at Palm Beach, Florida.
2005 (during)
Melania became Honorary Chairwoman for the Martha Graham Dance Company and Goodwill Ambassador by the American Red Cross.
2006 (during)
Melania Trump was granted US citizenship.
2006 (20th March)
A son, Barron William was born to Donald and Melania Trump.
2010 (during)
Melania served as Chairwoman for the American Heart Association
2010 (during)
Melania Trump launched her own range of jewellery ‘Melania Timepieces and Jewelry’ and a skin care range ‘Melania Skin Care Collection’. She sold the jewellery on the TV shopping channel QVC and the skin care collection in high end shops.
2015 (16th June)
Donald Trump announced that he would be standing for election as Republican candidate for President of the United States.
2016 (26th May)
Donald Trump secured the Republican nomination for Presidential Candidate.
2016 (26th September)
Donald Trump went head to head in the first Presidential debate with Hillary Clinton. Polls suggested that he lost the debate.
2016 (9th October)
Donald Trump went head to head in the second Presidential debate with Hillary Clinton. Polls suggested that he lost the debate.
2016 (19th October)
Donald Trump went head to head in the third Presidential debate with Hillary Clinton. Polls suggested that he lost the debate.
2016 (8th November)
Donald Trump was elected the 45th President of the United States.
2017 (20th January)
Donald Trump was inaugurated 45th President of the United States and Melania became First Lady of the United States. Although Donald and his family moved into the White House, Melania remained in Manhattan so that Barron could complete his school year there.
2017 (18th February)
Melania sued the Daily Mail Newspaper after the tabloid falsely stated that she had worked as an escort when she was a model. She won the case and received a $2.9 million settlement.
2017 (8th March)
Melania Trump hosted a lunch for International Women’s day. She spoke to the diners about immigration and gender equality.
2017 (May)
Melania accompanied her husband on an official overseas visit to Israel, Italy, the Vatican and Belgium.
2017 (June)
With the school year over, Melania and Barron Trump moved into the White House.
2018 (20th March)
Mrs Trump met with representatives of large technology companies to discuss online bullying and internet safety.
2018 (23rd April)
Donald and Melania Trump hosted a state dinner in honour of French President Emmanuel Macron.
2018 (7th May)
Melania launched the ‘Be Best’ campaign which focuses on well-being as well as internet bullying and drug abuse.
2018 (14th May)
Melania underwent an embolisation operation to treat a kidney condition.
2018 (17th June)
Melania publicly stated that she ‘hates to see children separated from their families’ referring to the policy of separating children from parents when they illegally enter the US. Three days later President Trump signed an order to end the separation of children from their parents at the border.
2018 (October)
Melania Trump made a solo tour of Ghana, Malawi, Kenya and Egypt to look at conservation, children and families.
2019 (3rd June)
Donald and Melania Trump began a three-day state visit to the United Kingdom.
2020 (5th February)
President Donald Trump was acquitted on both of the articles of impeachment he faced.
2020 (20th March)
Melania released a pre-recorded message of support to the American people in the face of the spreading Coronavirus Covid-19 outbreak.
2020 (3rd November)
Donald Trump lost the election to Democrat Joe Biden.


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