Lee Harvey Oswald Timeline 1939-1963

Lee Harvey OswaldBorn – 18th October 1939
Died – 24th November 1963 (assassinated)
Father – Robert Edward Lee Oswald (1896 – 1939)
Mother – Marguerite Frances Claverie (1907 – 1981)
Spouse – m. 1961 – Marina Nikolayevna Prusakova (b. 1940)
Children – June Lee (b. 1962), Audrey Marina Rachel (b. 1963)


1939 (18th October)
Lee Harvey Oswald was born to Robert Edward Lee Oswald and Marguerite Frances Claverie in New Orleans, Louisiana, United States. He was the couple’s second child, his elder brother Robert had been born in 1934. Oswald never knew his father because he died of a heart attack in August 1939.
1944 (during)
The family moved to Dallas, Texas.
1945 (Autumn)
Oswald began his education. Due to family circumstances, he changed schools several times during his primary education.
1952 (during)
Lee Harvey Oswald and his mother moved to New York City. Oswald frequently skipped school. He was assessed by a psychiatrist who determined he had schizoid and passive-aggressive tendencies that were caused by a lack of affection and emotional stability.
1954 (January)
Lee and his mother moved to New Orleans.
1955 (Autumn)
Lee Harvey Oswald left school and began working as an office clerk in New Orleans.
1956 (July)
The family moved to Fort Worth Texas.
1956 (September)
Lee Harvey attended Arlington Heights High School. This was the 12th school he had attended.
1956 (24th October)
Lee Harvey Oswald left school and joined the United States Marine Corps.
1956 (August)
Having completed his training, Oswald was assigned to the Marine Air Control Squadron 1 at Atsugi Naval Air Facility near Tokyo.
1959 (11th September)
Having spent a turbulent three years in the military, where he was frequently in trouble for breaking rules, fighting and misuse of weapons, Oswald was discharged from the Marines. He claimed his mother needed his support and care.
1959 (October)
Lee Harvey Oswald travelled to the Soviet Union and was given an Intourist guide. He told the guide that he wanted to become a Soviet citizen.
1959 (21st October)
Oswald’s application to become a Soviet citizen was declined. In order to delay his return to the United States, Oswald cut his arm before his guide arrived to take him to the airport. Because of his wound he was taken to a psychiatric hospital.
1959 (31st October)
Oswald told officials at the US embassy in Moscow that he wanted to defect to Russia.
1959 (November)
Oswald had wanted to attend Moscow University, but he was sent to Minsk, Belarus to work in an electronics factory. He accommodated in a studio apartment in the city. Stanislau Shushkevich was assigned to teach him Russian.
1960 (June)
Oswald began a relationship with Ella German, a co-worker at the electronics factory.
1961 (February)
Lee Harvey Oswald’s relationship with Ella German ended after she rejected his proposal of marriage. Soon afterwards he decided to return to the United States and asked the US embassy to return his passport.
1961 (17th March)
Oswald met Marina Prusakova at a dance and they began dating.
1961 (June)
Lee Harvey Oswald married Marina Pruskova.
1962 (15th February)
A daughter, June Lee was born to Lee Harvey and Marina in the Soviet Union.
1962 (1st June)
Lee Harvey Oswald, his wife and daughter travelled to the United States and made their home in Dallas, Texas.
1962 (July)
Oswald gained employment at the Leslie Welding Company.
1962 (12th October)
Lee Harvey left the Leslie Welding Company and began working as a photo print trainee at Jaggars-Chiles-Stovall. Oswald did not get on with the other employees and was frequently involved in confrontations.
1963 (March)
Oswald purchased a second hand rifle and a Smith and Weston revolver under the pseudonym A Hidell.
1963 (early Aril)
Oswald was sacked from his job at Jaggars-Chiles-Stovall.
1963 (10th April)
Oswald attempted to kill retired Major General Edwin Walker by firing his rifle through the Major’s window. The bullet missed and was too damaged to be analysed. Oswald’s wife, Marina later testified that Oswald carried out the shooting.
1963 (24th April)
Lee Harvey Oswald left Dallas and moved to New Orleans. He gained employment as a machine greaser by the Reily Coffee Company.
1963 (May)
Oswald’s wife, Marina and their daughter joined him in New Orleans.
1963 (26th May)
Oswald sympathised with Fidel Castro and Communist Cuba. Against the wishes of the society, Oswald founded a branch of the Fidel Castro Fair Play for Cuba Committee (FPCC) in New Orleans. He used the alias A J Hidell and proclaimed himself Chapter President.
1963 (9th August)
Lee Harvey Oswald was arrested for disturbing the peace after handing out pro-Castro leaflets in New Orleans. He was released with a caution.
1963 (23rd September)
Oswald’s wife and daughter returned to Texas. They lived with Ruth Paine, a friend of Marina’s.
1963 (27th September)
Lee Harvey Oswald had travelled to Mexico City by bus. He applied for a visa to travel to Cuba. Cuban authorities requested Soviet approval for his move to Cuba but he was unable to gain this approval.
1963 (2nd October)
Having given up on his plans to visit Cuba, Oswald returned to Dallas, United States.
1963 (16th October)
Oswald gained employment at the Texas School Book Depository. He rented a room in Dallas where he lived during the week. Marina and his daughter remained in the home of her friend Ruth Paine.
1963 (20th October)
A daughter, Audrey Marina Rachel was born to Lee Harvey and Marina.
1963 (early November)
Oswald became a person of interest to the CIA after they learned of his visit to the Soviet Embassy in Mexico City. They interviewed Ruth Paine and Marina Oswald to gain more information. Oswald was furious when he learned of the visit.
1963 (21st November)
Harvey asked a friend to give him a lift to visit his wife as he needed to collect some curtain rods.
1963 (22nd November)
Oswald and his friend returned to Dallas. Oswald carried a large package which he said contained the curtain rods. It was later assumed that the package contained his rifle.
1963 (22nd November)
A number of colleagues testified that Lee Harvey Oswald was at work in the Texas School Book Depository.
1963 (22nd November, 12.30 pm)
President John F Kennedy was shot in the head in Dealey Plaza, Elm Street, Dallas, Texas as he was riding in an open-top limousine. Governor of Texas, John Conally was also hit. Both casualties were rushed to Parkland Memorial Hospital. It was later determined that three shots had been fired from the sixth floor of the book depository building. A witness described looking up after the first shot and seeing a man with a rifle in a window of the sixth floor. The description given by the witness was immediately circulated.
1963 (22nd November, 1 pm)
Oswald returned to his rented room and put on a jacket before leaving.
1963 (22nd November, 1 pm)
John Fitzgerald Kennedy was pronounced dead by doctors at the Parkland Memorial Hospital.
1963 (22nd November, 1.15 pm)
Police Officer J D Tippit was shot and killed. Witnesses identified Oswald as the shooter.
1963 (22nd November, 1.40 pm)
A shoe shop manager saw a man acting suspiciously enter the Texas Theatre without paying. He alerted the theatre ticket office who called the police.
1963 (22nd November, 1.50 pm)
Lee Harvey Oswald was arrested in the Texas Theatre.
1963 (22nd November, 7.10 pm)
Lee Harvey Oswald was formally charged with the murder of Officer Tippit.
1963 (23rd November, 1.30 am)
Lee Harvey Oswald was formally charged with the assassination of President John F Kennedy.
1963 (23rd November)
Oswald was interviewed by Police several times but continually denied the murders of Officer Tippit and John F Kennedy. He claimed that at the time of the President’s assassination he was eating lunch.
1963 (24th November 11.21 am)
Lee Harvey Oswald was being led through the basement of the Dallas Police Headquarters when he was fatally shot by Dallas nightclub owner, Jack Ruby. Oswald was taken to Parkland Memorial Hospital.
1963 (24th November 1.07 pm)
Lee Harvey Oswald was pronounced dead by hospital doctors.


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