Lambert Simnel Timeline 1477-1527

Lambert SimnelBorn – c 1477
Died – c 1527
Father – Not known
Mother – Not known
Spouse – Not married
Children – No children
Known to History – Pretender to the throne of King Henry VII


1477 (around)
Lambert Simnel alleged he was born in about 1477, the son of a tradesman or an organ builder. Lambert Simnel may or may not have been his real name.
1486 (during)
Simnel came into contact with Richard Symonds, a priest from Oxford. Symonds noticed that Simnel had a resemblance to the sons of Edward IV.
1487 (January)
Richard Symonds announced that Lambert Simnel, was in fact Edward Earl of Warwick, son of Edward IV’s younger brother, George Duke of Clarence. Edward Earl of Warwick was closer in age to Simnel having been born in 1475. Although Henry VII had the Earl of Warwick imprisoned in the Tower of London there was a rumour that George, Duke of Clarence had sent his son abroad and that the boy in prison was not the real Earl of Warwick. If this were true then there was a possibility that Simnel was Edward, Earl of Warwick.
1487 (early May)
Margaret of Burgundy, sister of Edward IV, recognised Simnel as her nephew and sent troops to Ireland.
1487 (May)
John de la Pole, Earl of Lincoln, left England to join Simnel in Ireland.
1487 (24th May)
Lambert Simnel was crowned King Edward VI in Christ Church Cathedral in Dublin.
1487 (late May)
King Henry VII was concerned that members of the nobility had rallied to Simnel’s cause. He decided to take the unusual step of pardoning known rebels in the hopes that they would be more loyal to him.
1487 (early June)
Lambert was joined by the Earl of Lincoln, and Viscount Lovell whose 1486 rebellion against Henry VII had failed.
1487 (5th June)
Lambert and his army landed at Furness, Lancashire.
1487 (after 5th June)
Lambert Simnel’s army crossed the Penines and headed South. They had hoped to gain support along the way but were disappointed.
1487 (16th June)
Battle of Stoke
Henry VII fought the forces of Lambert Simnel, Richard Symonds and the Earl of Lincoln at Stoke. Lincoln was killed, Richard Symonds and and Lambert Simnel was were captured.
1487 (after 16th June)
Richard Symonds was sentenced to life in prison. Henry recognised that Simnel had been manipulated by Symonds and set him to work as a spit turner in the royal kitchen.
1500 (circa)
Simnel became a falconer.
1527 (circa)
Lambert Simnel died of natural causes.


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