Joe Kennedy Jr Timeline 1915-1944

Joe Kennedy JrBorn – 25th July 1915
Died – 12th August 1944
FatherJoseph Kennedy (1888 – 1969)
MotherRose Fitzgerald (1890 – 1995)
Spouse – None
Children – None
Known to History – Brother of John F Kennedy


1915 (25th July)
Joe Kennedy was born Joseph Patrick Kennedy in Hull Massachusetts to Joseph Patrick Kennedy Sr and Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy. He was the couple’s first child and was known as Joe.
1917 (29th May)
Joe’s brother, John Fitzgerald Kennedy (JFK) was born in Brookline Massachusetts to Joseph Patrick Kennedy Sr and Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy. He was known as Jack.
1918 (13th September)
Joe’s sister Rose Marie (known as Rosemary) was born.
1920 (April)
Joe Kennedy began his education at the Kindergarten of the Edward Devotion School.
1920 (20th February)
Joe Kennedy’s sister Kathleen Agnes (known as Kick) was born.
1921 (10th July)
Joe’s sister, Eunice Mary, was born.
1924 (6th May)
Joe Kennedy’s sister Patricia Helen (known as Pat) was born.
1924 (September)
Joe Kennedy transferred to the Noble and Greenough Lower School.
1925 (during)
Joe Kennedy attended Dexter School, which was founded by a group of trustees, including his father, after a decision had been made to sell land from Noble and Greenough School.
1925 (20th November)
Joe’s brother Robert Francis (known as Bobby) was born.
1927 (September)
The Kennedy family moved to Riverdale, New York to avoid an outbreak of polio.
1927 (September)
Joe attended Riverdale Country School.
1928 (20th February)
Joe’s sister Jean Ann was born.
1929 (during)
The Kennedy family moved to Bronxville.
1929 (September)
Joe Kennedy was sent to Choate School, Wallingford, Connecticut.
1932 (22nd February)
Joe’s brother Edward Moore (known as Ted) was born.
1934 (during)
Joe attended Harvard College, Cambridge where he studied Government and Politics.
1934 (Summer)
Joe made a visit to Europe, including Nazi Germany.
1937 (during)
Joe Kennedy’s father became ambassador to the United Kingdom.
1938 (June)
Having graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree, Joe Kennedy went to London where he worked for his father who was American ambassador. Joe’s brother, John, also spent time in London.
1938 (September)
Joe attended the London School of Economics.
1939 (September)
Joe returned to the United States where he attended Harvard Law School.
1941 (5th May)
Joe left Harvard Law School and joined the US Naval Reserve. He began training as a Naval Aviator.
1942 (during)
Joe qualified as a Naval Aviator.
1943 (September)
Kennedy was sent to Britain with Bomber Squadron 110.
1944 (during)
Joe was sent on a number of anti-submarine missions.
1944 (May)
Joe had completed his required number of missions and was eligible to be discharged. However, rather than return to the United States, he decided to extend his time in the services and volunteered for a secret bombing mission over Normandy.
1944 (1st July)
Joe Kennedy was appointed a lieutenant.
1944 (12th August)
The secret bombing mission in the English Channel took place. Joe Kennedy had to fly a radio-controlled machine packed with explosives to a German V-2 rocket launching site in Normandy. He and his co-pilot would then parachute to safety while the plane was radio-controlled to its destination. Unfortunately the explosives detonated prematurely above Dunwich Forest, Suffolk, killing Joe Kennedy and all on board.


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