Jason David Frank Timeline 1973-2022

Jason David Frank Info

Born – 4th September 1973
Died – 19th November 2022
Father – Ray Frank
Mother – Janice Frank
Siblings – Erik Frank (died 2001)
Spouse – Divorced twice. (Shawna Frank, Tammie Frank)
Children – Jenna Frank, Skye Frank, Jacob Frank, Hunter Frank

Jason David Frank Timeline

1973 (4th September)
Jason David Frank was born to Ray and Janice Frank in Covina, California. He is the couple’s second child, his brother Erik was born earlier.
Jason David Frank developed an interest in martial arts very early in life. At 4 years old, Jason started training at the Dragon Karate School under the guidance of Shihan Louis D Casamassa. This marks the first step toward him committing to living by the Code of the Dragon.
At the age of 12, Jason David Frank earns his first Black Belt, committed to passing on the Code of the Dragon through teaching.
Astonishingly, at 18 years old Jason becomes the owner of Red Dragon Karate where he began his journey 14 years ago.
Jason David Frank first appears in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, playing Tommy Oliver in a villain-turned-hero role. Initially, he was commissioned to star in 14 episodes. Due to the overwhelming popularity of his character, Tommy was brought back into the role for many more episodes, spanning multiple seasons.
While filming Power Rangers, Jason David Frank starred in the pilot episode for VR Troopers (earlier known as Cybertron) as Adam Steele.
Jason David Frank marries his first wife, Shawna Frank. Together, they have two sons and a daughter; Hunter, Jacob and Skye Frank.
The American Karate Kung Fu Federation honors Jason with a ‘Hall of Fame Award’
Jason David Frank makes his big-screen debut in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie, leading the Rangers in a race to save Earth from the maniacal Ivan Ooze.
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers finishes its run and is rebranded Power Rangers Zeo. This runs for 50 episodes, with Tommy taking up the mantle once more as the leader, playing the red Zeo Ranger.
Jason David Frank expands his filmography again with a single appearance in TV show Family Matters, playing Skull, while also appearing in Sweet Valley High for 4 episodes, playing A.J.
Power Rangers Zeo rebrands again to Turbo, which runs for a total of 19 episodes. Jason leads the charge once again as Tommy, playing the Red Turbo Ranger.
Jason David Frank is awarded a ‘Program Direct Award’ for his work on the small screen.
Jason and Shawna Frank divorce. This same year, Frank’s brother Erik dies due to illness. Jason also wins the “Centurion Club Award”.
Tommy returns during Power Rangers Wild Force for the special 25th Anniversary episode, playing the Red Zeo ranger in the aptly titled episode “Forever Red”.
Jason David Frank marries a second time, this time to Tammie Frank. Tammie is a Muay Thai Black Belt Instructor, sky diver and co-star on My Morphing Life, a reality show that ran alongside the Power Rangers. The couple have one daughter, Jenna.
2003 (June 28th)
Jason David Frank is given the title of ‘Master of the Year’ for American karate. This same year, he’s also inducted in World Karate Union Hall of Fame.
Jason David Frank plays the role of Dr. Tommy Oliver in Dino Thunder, playing the Black Ranger. He stars in a total of 38 episodes.
Jason David Frank is honored with the Arnold Schwarzenegger Classics Master Appreciation Award.
Frank receives a ‘Black Belt Hall of Fame Award’ along with an award for ‘Most Successful Industry Leader’
Jason David Frank signs with the sports marketing and management company, SuckerPunch Entertainment.
2010 (January 30th)
Jason David Frank makes his amateur MMA debut for United States Amateur Combat Association at the Houston Arena Theatre on January 30. Here, he defeated Jonathon “The Mack Truck” Mack in round 1 by submission. The fight lasts for 1 minute 7 seconds.
2010 (February 19th)
Jason David Frank returns to the ring to fight Chris Rose. Jason wins again in round 1 by TKO, marking the longest fight of Jason’s MMA career; 2 minutes 9 seconds.
2010 (May 8th)
Jason David Frank fights against James Willis at Texas Rage In The Cage, winning by KO again, this time in 23 seconds inside the first round.
2010 (August 4th)
Jason David Frank makes his professional MMA debut at Texas Cage Fighting. He defeats Jose Roberto Vasquez inside the first round with a submission, finishing the bout about 46 seconds.
2010 (December 10th)
Jason David Frank is scheduled for a Light heavyweight bout but the fight is cancelled due to his opponent not being medically cleared.
2011 (July 22nd)
Jason David Frank is scheduled for another professional MMA fight, this time against Shawn Machado. The fight is cancelled due to Frank suffering a possible bicep tear.
Jason David Frank features in the Guinness World Records as the holder for most pine boards broken while in freefall.
Jason David Frank returns to the small screen for Power Rangers Super Megaforce, playing Tommy Oliver once more for a single episode, titled “Legendary Battle.”
Autobots, assemble! Jason David Frank marks a string of voice acting roles, which include several Power Rangers videogames, and also as the character of Emissary in Transformers: Titans Return.
According to Frank, he challenged Jean Claude Van-Damme to a fight years prior which was declined. At Comic Con, the two end up in a heated debate. No punches are traded.
Jason David Frank stars in Power Rangers: HyperForce for 2 episodes and Power Rangers: Ninja Steel for 1 episode.
Jason David Frank voices Silver Bear for a single episode of We Bare Bears.
Jason David Frank challenges professional wrestler CM Punk to an MMA fight. CM Punk however, refuses. He claims he “will not consider fighting any YouTube celebrities.”
Jason David Frank lends his voice for the video game, Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid.
2022 (August)
Tammie Frank files for divorce.
2022 (November 19th 2022)
Jason David Frank passes away at the age of 49 in Texas.


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