Henry Stafford Timeline 1425-1471

Henry Stafford Likeness UnknownBorn – c1425
Died – 4th October 1471
Father – Humphrey Stafford Duke of Buckingham (1402 – 1460)
Mother – Anne Neville (1414 – 1480)
Spouse – m. 1458 – Margaret Beaufort (1443 – 1509)
Children – None
Known to History – Son of Duke of Buckingham, husband of Margaret Beaufort


1425 (around)
Henry Stafford was born the second son of Humphrey Stafford, Earl of Stafford and Lady Anne Neville. His elder brother, Humphrey had been born around 1424.
1427 (24th November)
Henry’s brother, John was born to Humphrey Stafford, Duke of Buckingham and Lady Anne Neville.
1444 (24th November)
Henry’s father was created 1st Duke of Buckingham.
1455 (22nd May)
The Wars of the Roses began. This was a conflict between the Yorkist and Lancastrian branches of Edward III’s descendants. The Stafford family supported the Lancastrians.
1457 (6th April)
A dispensation was granted that allowed Henry to marry his second cousin the widowed Margaret Beaufort, mother of Henry Tudor. Both parties were descended from John of Gaunt and Katherine Swynford.
1458 (during)
Henry’s elder brother, Humphrey, died either from an injury sustained at the First Battle of St Albans in 1455 or from the plague.
1458 (3rd January)
Henry Stafford married Margaret Beaufort at Maxstoke Castle, Warwickshire.
1461 (4th March)
The Yorkist Edward, Duke of York, took the throne as King Edward IV.
1461 (29th March)
Battle of Towton
Henry fought in this battle taking the side of the Lancastrian King Henry VI. The Lancastrians were completely defeated and the Yorkist King Edward IV was secure on the throne.
1461 (25th June)
King Edward IV pardoned Henry Stafford for taking the side of the Lancastrians.
1462 (February)
Margaret Beaufort’s son, Henry Tudor, was made a ward of William Herbert and sent to live at Pembroke Castle.
1466 (during)
Edward IV granted Margaret and Henry Stafford the former Beaufort manor of Woking Hall in Surrey.
1467 (May)
Henry was called to attend the Royal Council at Mortlake.
1468 (May)
Henry and his wife, Margaret, were in London to hear the King announce he was going to invade France.
1468 (20th December)
King Edward IV visited Henry and Margaret after hunting near Woking.
1470 (12th March)
Battle of Losecoat Field
Henry fought with King Edward IV against the Earl of Warwick and George Duke of Clarence who had rebelled against Edward’s rule. The rebels were defeated and fled to France.
1470 (13th September)
Warwick and the Duke of Clarence landed at Plymouth with a large army.
1470 (2nd October)
In the face of mounting opposition King Edward IV fled to Burgundy.
1470 (30th October)
Henry VI was restored to the English throne with Warwick as chief minister.
1470 (after 30th October)
Henry Stafford was arrested for supporting the Yorkists. He was released after his wife, Margaret, petitioned the King.
1470 (March)
Edward IV returned to England with a small army. Henry was initially unsure which side to support but eventually decided to give his support to the Yorkist Edward.
1471 (14th April)
Battle of Barnet
The Lancastrians, led by the Earl of Warwick, met Edward’s Yorkist force at Barnet. After a three hour fight in thick fog, two Lancastrian divisions mistakenly attacked each other and the army broke and fled. Warwick also fled but was knocked off his horse and killed. Henry Stafford was badly injured in the fighting.
1471 (22nd May)
Edward IV returned as King. It is believed King Henry VI was murdered on the same day.
1471 (June)
Margaret Beaufort’s son, Henry Tudor, was taken to Brittany for his own safety by his uncle Jasper Tudor.
1471 (4th October)
Henry Stafford, died of the injuries he sustained in the Battle of Barnet.


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