Fred Trump Timeline 1905-1993

Fred Trump

Born – 11th October 1905
Died – 25th June 1999
Father – Frederick Trump (1869 – 1918)
Mother – Elizabeth Christ (1880 – 1966)
Spouse – m. 1936 – Mary Anne MacLeod (1912 – 2000)
Children – Maryanne (b. 1937), Freddie (1938 – 1981), Elizabeth (b. 1942),  Donald (b. 1946), Robert (1948 – 2020)
Known to History – Father of US President Donald Trump


1905 (11th October)
Fred Trump, was born Frederick Christ Trump to Frederick Trump and Elizabeth Christ in the Bronx, New York. He was the couple’s second child, his sister Elizabeth had been born in 1904. His parents were German immigrants.
1907 (11th October)
Fred’s brother John George was born to Frederick Trump and Elizabeth Christ in New York.
1907 (late)
The Trump family moved to Woodhaven, Queens, New York. Fred’s father opened a barber shop.
1908 (during)
Fred’s father bought land on Jamaica Avenue, Woodhaven, Queens, New York and began building a property.
1910 (during)
The Trump family moved into part of the property on Jamaica Avenue and rented out the rooms they did not use.
1911 (around)
Fred Trump attended P.S. 97 elementary school in Brooklyn.
1915 (around)
Fred began selling copies of the local Woodhaven newspaper on a Thursday afternoon. He earned a half-cent per copy sold.
1918 (30th May)
Fred’s father died. He was a victim of the 1918 flu pandemic. At the time of his death he owned property, stocks and cash worth $31,359.
1918 (Autumn)
Fred attended Richmond Hill High School, Queens, New York.
1918 (around)
Fred took on other after school jobs including working as a golf caddy, whitewashing curbs and delivering groceries for a local shop.
1922 (around)
Trump was keen to continue in his father’s footsteps and took night classes in carpentry. He also took correspondence courses in plumbing, electrical work and building.
1923 (during)
Trump graduated from Richmond Hill High School. His mother had kept his father’s property business going after his death. Fred and his mother now founded E. Trump & Son and began building houses in Queens.
1927 (16th April)
E. Trump & Son was incorporated with a capital value of $50,000.
1927 (30th May)
Trump was arrested for refusing to disperse during a march by the Ku Klux Klan. The marchers were protesting that Protestant Americans were being unfairly harassed by Catholic police in New York. It is unclear whether Trump was one of the marchers or simply watching the parade. He was released without charge.
1929 (September)
Wall Street Crash
Share prices began to fall rapidly.
1929 (October)
Wall Street Crash
Share prices reached an all-time low triggering a depression that would last throughout the 1930s.
1933 (June)
E Trump & Sons went out of business during the Great Depression. However, Fred Trump had turned his attention to the grocery business and opened the Trump Super Market with the slogan ‘Serve Yourself and Save’.
1933 (October)
The Trump Super Market had become so successful that Fred was able to sell it to the King Kullen chain at a great profit.
1933 (late)
Using the money made from the sale of his super market, Fred Trump returned to the property business. He managed to acquire deeds to properties from at a low price from those forced to sell and companies that had gone out of business.
1934 (during)
U S President F D Roosevelt, founded the Federal Housing Administration (FHA), designed to regulate the construction industry. It also helped to finance affordable house building by agreeing to underwrite loans.
1936 (during)
Fred Trump gained the approval of the FHA to develop the old circus ground on Clarendon Road, Brooklyn, into 400 homes for low-income families.
1936 (11th January)
Fred Trump married Mary Anne MacLeod, a Scottish immigrant, at Madison Avenue Presbyterian Church. They made their home in Jamaica, Queens, New York.
1937 (5th April)
A daughter, Maryanne was born to Fred and Mary Trump at Jamaica Estates, Queens, New York.
1938 (14th October)
A son, Frederick Jr, known as Freddy, was born to Fred and Mary Trump at Jamaica Estates, Queens, New York.
1941 (7th December)
Pearl Harbor
The bombing of the US naval base at Pearl Harbor led to America entering the Second World War.
1942 (10th April)
A daughter, Elizabeth was born to Fred and Mary Trump at Jamaica Estates, Queens, New York.
1942 (12th April)
Fred announced his plans to build apartments for military personnel in Norfolk, Virginia.
1946 (during)
After the war, Fred turned his attention to building quality homes for the middle classes.
1946 (14th June)
A son, Donald John Trump was born to Fred and Mary Trump at Jamaica Estates, Queens, New York, United States.
1948 (26th August)
A son, Robert was born to Fred and Mary Trump. The birth was problematic and Mary had to have a hysterectomy.
1949 (during)
Trump completed Shore Haven, an apartment complex, at Bensonhurst, Brooklyn.
1950 (during)
Trump completed Beach Haven, an apartment complex, near Coney Island, Brooklyn.
1954 (11th June)
Fred Trump was included in a list of New York builders accused of profiteering from government contracts. His business dealings were investigated but he was not charged.
1964 (during)
Trump completed Trump Village, an apartment complex, in Coney Island, Brooklyn.
1964 (Summer)
Although Trump hoped that his eldest son, Freddie, would follow in his footsteps and continue the family business, it was his second son, Donald that showed a flare for the property business. During the Summer holidays from school he began working for his father.
1966 (January)
Fred Trump was investigated for windfall profiteering after overestimating costs in a state sponsored building project. He was not charged.
1968 (Summer)
Fred’s son, Donald joined the Trump Management Company.
1970 (21st June)
The Penn Central Transportation Company was declared bankrupt. It was the largest company to ever be declared bankrupt.
1970 (late Summer)
Donald obtained an option on the railroad’s yards and applied to build a number of apartments on the site. When building permission was refused he re-applied for permission to build a Convention Center and this was given permission.
1971 (during)
Fred’s son, Donald became Trump Management Company president. Fred remained Chairman of the Board.
1973 (October)
The Civil Rights Division of the US Department of Justice accused the Trump Organisation for discriminating against black rental applicants. The case dragged on for nearly three years before being settled without charge.
1976 (during)
Fred Trump set up trust funds for his children and grandchildren.
1977 (7th April)
Fred’s son, Donald married Ivana Zelnickova, a Czech model at the Marble Collegiate Church.
1977 (31st December)
Fred’s grandson, Donald Trump Jnr was born to Donald and Ivana Trump.
1981 (during)
Fred’s eldest son, Freddie, died. He had been an alcoholic for many years.
1981 (30th October)
Fred’s granddaughter, Ivanka, was born to Donald and Ivana Trump.
1982 (September)
Fred Trump was listed on the Forbes 400 richest Americans. He and son Donald were estimated to be worth $200 million.
1983 (30th November)
Trump Towers, which had begun development in 1979 was officially opened.
1984 (6th January)
Fred’s grandson, Eric, was born to Donald and Ivana Trump.
1991 (during)
Fred’s son, Donald and his wife Ivana were divorced. The couple had drifted apart and Donald was involved with Marla Maples.
1993 (during)
Fred Trump was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease.
1999 (25th June)
Fred Trump died at the Long Island Jewish Medical Center, New Hyde Park, New York.


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