English History Timeline 1590-1599

Queen Elizabeth I

This timeline gives a chronological listing of the main events in English history for the years 1590 – 1599

The monarch for this period was Elizabeth I


1590 (during)
Edmund Spenser published his poem The Faerie Queene.
1590 (6th April)
Elizabeth‘s councillor, Francis Walsingham, died.
1591 (during)
William Shakespeare wrote his first play, Henry VI part 1.
1591 (Spring)
Elizabeth sent 3000 troops, under the command of John Norreys, to Brittany to support Protestant Henry IV of France. Soon afterwards, Norreys was forced to return to London to plead with the Queen for food and supplies for his men. In his absence a Catholic force defeated the army.
1591 (July)
Elizabeth sent an English force under the command of Robert Devereux, Earl of Essex, to support Henry IV of France’s siege of Rouen. The English had no successes.
1592 (during)
The Ditchley Portrait of Elizabeth was painted by Marcus Gheeraerts the Younger.
1594 (during)
Nine Years War/Tyrone’s Rebellion
War broke out with Ireland after Irish chieftains Hugh O’Neill and Hugh Roe O’Donnell rebelled against the English in Ireland. The fighting, predominatly in Ulster, saw the death of thousands of English soldiers.
1598 (4th August)
Elizabeth’s most senior councillor and advisor, Sir William Cecil, died.
1599 (Spring)
Nine Years’ War
Elizabeth sent Robert Devereux, Earl of Essex, to Ireland to defeat Hugh O’Neill and end the fighting. Devereux had no success and against orders, left Ireland and returned to England. Elizabeth sent Charles Blount to Ireland to take command and placed Devereux under house arrest.


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