English History Timeline 1370-1379

Edward III King Richard II Coronation

This timeline gives a chronological listing of the main events in English History for the years 1370 – 1379

The monarchs for this period were:
Edward III to 1377
Richard II from 1377


1370 (Summer)
John of Gaunt at the head of a small force was sent to help his brother, Edward the Black Prince, fighting in Aquitaine.
1370 (19th September)
Siege of Limoges
Edward the Black Prince lay siege to the town of Limoges in France.
1371 (21st September)
John of Gaunt married Constanza of Castille at Roquefort in France.
1372 (during)
King Edward III made an attempt to invade France but due to unfavourable winds it had to be abandoned.
1372 (7th August)
Poitiers surrendered to the French.
1373 (28th April)
The French took much of Brittany.
1373 (August – December)
John of Gaunt, at the head of an army of around 9,000 men left Calais for Aquitaine. The journey was long and arduous and many soldiers died of plague and other diseases. Although they succeeded in weakening the French by raiding and plundering the land, by the time they reached Aquitaine the army was too weak to be of much use.
1374 (during)
John of Gaunt returned to England.
1374 (during)
William Whittlesey, Archbishop of Canterbury, died.
1375 (4th May)
Simon Sudbury became Archbishop of Canterbury.
1376 (during)
A peace treaty was negotiated between England and France.
1376 (8th June)
Edward the Black Prince, heir to the throne, died. His son, Richard became heir to the throne.
1377 (21st June)
Edward III died following a stroke. He was succeeded by his ten year old grandson, Richard II. John of Gaunt acted as regent for his young nephew.
1377 (16th July)
Richard was crowned at Westminster Abbey.
1378 (Summer)
John of Gaunt went to France at the head of a large army to try to take Brittany. The mission was a failure because John was unable to feed such a large force due to the French occupation of the countryside.
1379 (during)
New College, Oxford was founded.


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