English History Timeline 1280-1289

King Edward IThis timeline gives a chronological listing of the main events in English History for the years 1280 – 1289

The monarch for this period was Edward I


1282 (during)
Work began on the construction of Harlech Castle on the Western coast of Wales.
1282 (during)
War broke out between King Edward I and the Welsh chieftans, led by Dafydd ap Gruffydd, who were unhappy at Edward’s takeover of Wales.
1282 (August)
A daughter, Elizabeth, was born to King Edward and Eleanor of Castile at Rhuddlan Castle, Wales.
1282 (11th December)
Battle of Orewin Bridge
This battle fought between Welsh forces and Edward I saw the Welsh defeated and Llywelyn ap Gruffyd killed.
1283 (during)
Work began on Conwy Castle in North Wales.
1283 (during)
Edward began rebuilding Caernarvon Castle in stone. He also built a stone wall around the city.
1283 (3rd October)
Dafydd ap Gruffydd was executed.
1284 (during)
Peterhouse College, Cambridge was founded by the Bishop of Ely.
1284 (3rd March)
Statute of Rhuddlan
This statute divided Wales into shires and introduced English common law into Wales.
1284 (25th April)
A son, Edward was born to King Edward and Eleanor of Castile at Caernarvon Castle, Wales.
1284 (19th August)
Edward’s son, Alfonso, died.
1285 (during)
Statute of Westminster
A second statute of Westminster defined inheritance laws.
1285 (15th August)
Edward’s daughter, Mary, became a nun at Amesbury Abbey.
1285 (8th October)
Statute of Winchester
This statute reformed the legal system.
1286 (Late)
A daughter, Beatrice, was born to Edward and Eleanor of Castile. She died young.
1287 (during)
A new Welsh revolt by Rhys ap Maredudd was easily crushed.
1287 (during)
Edward went to Gascony. While there he ordered the expulsion of all Jews from the region.
1287 (February)
Severe flooding affected the south east of England. The River Rother changed course meeting the sea at Rye instead of New Romney. As a result Rye became a port.
1287 (14th December)
Severe flooding affected the coast of Norfolk.
1289 (during)
A daughter, Blanche, was born to Edward and Eleanor of Castile. She died young.
1289 (during)
King Edward I returned to England.


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