English History Timeline 1260-1269

English History 1260 - 1269 Henry III

This timeline gives a chronological listing of the main events in English History for the years 1260 – 1269

The monarch for this period was Henry III


1262 (12th June)
King Henry III repudiated the Provisions of Oxford agreed in 1258. This led to another war between the barons and King.
1263 (April)
Simon de Montfort, leader of the rebel barons, took control of Southern England.
1263 (16th July)
The rebels took control of London.
1264 (14th May)
Battle of Lewes
The forces of Simon de Montfort defeated King Henry and his son Edward, and took them prisoner.
1264 (June)
Simon de Montfort summoned Parliament.
1265 (late May)
Prince Edward managed to escape from prison.
1265 (4th August)
Battle of Evesham
The royalist forces led by Prince Edward defeated the rebels and killed Simon de Montfort. King Henry was released from prison.
1266 (October)
Dictum of Kenilworth
This imposed harsh fines on those who had rebelled and fought against Henry.
1267 (Summer)
The remaining rebels against Henry’s rule surrendered.
1267 (19th November)
The Statute of Marlborough
This statute confirmed the terms of Magna Carta signed by King John in 1215.
1269 (during)
King Henry III had spent a vast amount of money rebuilding Westminster Abbey. The body of Edward the Confessor was re-buried in the Abbey.


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