English History Timeline 1240-1249

English History 1240 - 1250 Henry III

This timeline gives a chronological listing of the main events in English History for the years 1240 – 1249

The monarch for this period was Henry III


1240 (during)
Llywelyn the Great of Wales died. Henry was able to re-take control of North Wales.
1240 (during)
Work began on Old St Paul’s Cathedral.
1240 (29th September)
A daughter, Margaret, was born to Kind Henry III and Eleanor of Provence.
1240 (16th November)
The Archbishop of Canterbury, Edmund Rich, died.
1241 (during)
Henry announced his intention to fight another campaign in France and began to mobilise troops.
1241 (1st February)
Boniface of Savoy was appointed Archbishop of Canterbury.
1242 (during)
Henry set sail for France at the head of an army.
1242 (20th May)
Henry was beaten by the French at the Battle of Taillebourg. Henry managed to escape to Bordeaux.
1242 (25th June)
A daughter, Beatrice, was born to King Henry III and Eleanor Provence in Bordeaux.
1245 (16th January)
A son, Edmund, was born to King Henry and Eleanor of Provence.
1245 (during)
Work began to rebuild Westminster Abbey.
1246 (31st May)
Henry’s mother, Isabella of Angouleme, died.
1247 (during)
A son, Richard was born to Henry III and Eleanor of Provence.
1247 (during)
Treaty of Woodstock
This treaty was an agreement between Henry and Llywelyn the Great’s grandsons, Owain and Llywelyn ap Gruffudd.
1247 (during)
A new silver coin was introduced.
1247 (during)
Bethlem Royal Hospital was founded in London.
1247 (during)
A new silver coin was introduced.


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