English History Timeline 1030-1039

Canute the Great Harthacanute Harold Harefoot

This timeline gives a chronological listing of the main events in English History for the years 1030 – 1039

The monarchs for this period were:
Canute to 1035
Harthacnut 1035 – 1037
Harold I (Harefoot) from 1037


1030 (around)
Earl Godwin was given control of Wessex by King Canute.
1030 (Spring)
Former King Olaf II returned to Norway following the death of Canute’s regent, Hakon Ericsson. He was met by his half-brother Harald Hardrada and several hundred loyal supporters.
1030 (29th July)
Battle of Stiklestad
King Olaf and his half-brother Harald Hardrada fought against Canute’s forces, but they were defeated. Olaf was killed and his half-brother Harald was badly wounded. Canute seized the throne of Norway.
1030 (late)
Canute named his eldest son by Aelfgifu, Sweyn, as King of Norway and sent him and Aelfgifu to Norway.
1031 (during)
The rule of Sweyn and Aelfgifu was unpopular in Norway.
1034 (during)
A Norwegian deputation was sent to ask Magnus Olafsson, the young son of Olaf Haraldsson, to return to Norway and take the crown.
1035 (Autumn)
Magnus Olafsson returned to Norway with a Swedish army. Sweyn was unable to raise an army to fight off the invasion so he and his mother fled to Denmark where they sought the protection of Sweyn’s half-brother Harthacnut. Magnus Olafsson, nicknamed the Good, was subsequently crowned King of Norway.
1035 (12th November)
King Canute died. His son, Harthacnut was nominated to take the English throne but the situation in Denmark where he was regent meant that he was unable to leave for England to take the throne. The English magnates made Harold Harefoot, second son of Canute by his first wife, regent until Harthacnut could sail to England.
1035 (late December)
Alfred Aetheling, youngest son of Emma of Normandy and Aethelred the Unready, arrived in England. It is thought that he planned to restore the throne to his family. After landing in England he marched to London. He was met at Guildford by Earl Godwin, the most powerful nobleman who had allied himself to Harold Harefoot. Alfred’s presence in England was a threat to Harold so Godwin seized Alfred, blinded him and then sent him to the monastery at Ely. It is not known whether Godwin acted on Harold’s orders or decided to take the action himself.
1036 (5th February)
Alfred Aetheling died at the monastery at Ely of his injuries.
1037 (during)
Harthacnut had still not returned from Denmark to claim the throne and Harold was now supported by the English nobility.
1037 (late)
The Witan met at Oxford and decided to accept Harold I as King.
1037 (late)
Emma of Normandy, widow of Aethelred and Canute was either exiled by Harold I or exiled herself to Bruges.
1038 (during)
Edward, the eldest son of Aethelred and Emma of Normandy, paid a visit to his mother in Bruges.
1039 (during)
Harthacnut, son of Canute and Emma of Normandy, paid his mother a visit in Bruges.


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