Elvis Albums in Order of Release

Elvis Albums in Order

A timeline of Elvis Albums in Order of Release

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Elvis Presley History and Discography

Please note: we have not included Elvis Albums Box Sets and Compilations released after his death.


1956 (13th March)
Elvis Presley
1956 (19th October)
1956 (November)
Love Me Tender
1957 (April)
Peace in the Valley
1957 (1st July)
Loving You
1957 (15th October)
Elvis’ Christmas Album
1957 (8th November)
Jailhouse Rock
1958 (21st March)
Elvis’ Golden Records
1958 (19th September)
King Creole
1959 (6th February)
For LP Fans Only
1959 (24th July)
A Date With Elvis
1959 (13th November)
Elvis’ Gold Records Vol 2
1960 (8th April)
Elvis is Back
1960 (23rd September)
G.I. Blues
1960 (16th November)
His Hand In Mine
1961 (February)
Elvis by Request
1961 (17th June)
Something For Everybody
1961 (20th October)
Blue Hawaii
1962 (April)
Follow That Dream
1962 (5th June)
Pot Luck
1962 (28th August)
Kid Galahad
1962 (9th November)
Girls!, Girls!, Girls!
1963 (10th April)
It Happened at the World’s Fair
1963 (11th August)
Elvis’ Golden Records Vol 3
1963 (1st November)
Fun in Acapulco
1964 (2nd April)
Kissin’ Cousins
1964 (20th October)
1965 (2nd March)
Girl Happy
1965 (June)
Tickle Me
1965 (10th August)
Elvis For Everyone
1965 (3rd November)
Harum Scarum
1966 (1st March)
Frankie and Johny
1966 (10th June)
Paradise, Hawaiian Style
1966 (31st October)
1967 (27th February)
How Great Thou Art
1967 (1st March)
Easy Come, Easy Go
1967 (1st June)
Double Trouble
1967 (10th October)
1968 (2nd January)
Elvis’ Golden Records Volume 4
1968 (25th June)
1968 (1st October)
Singer Presents Elvis Sings Flaming Star and Others
1968 (22nd November)
Elvis (NBC TV Special)
1969 (14th October)
From Elvis in Memphis
1969 (3rd September)
From Memphis to Vegas / From Vegas to Memphis
1970 (April)
Let’s Be Friends
1970 (June)
On Stage
1970 (August)
Worldwide 50 Gold Award Hits Vol 1
1970 (November)
Almost in Love
1970 (11th November)
That’s The Way It Is
1971 (2nd January)
Elvis Country (I’m 10,000 Years Old)
1971 (22nd March)
You’ll Never Walk Alone
1971 (16th June)
Love Letters From Elvis
1971 (1st July)
C’mon Everybody
1971 (August)
The Other Sides – Elvis Worldwide Gold Award Hits Vol. 2
1971 (October)
I Got Lucky
1971 (20th October)
Elvis Sings The Wonderful World of Christmas
1972 (20th February)
Elvis Now
1972 (1st April)
He Touched Me
1972 (June)
Elvis Sings Hits From His Movies Vol 1
1972 (18th June)
Elvis As Recorded at Madison Square Garden
1972 (1st November)
Burning Love and Hits from His Movies, Volume 2
1972 (1st December)
Separate Ways
1973 (4th February)
Aloha from Hawaii via Satellite
1973 (12th July)
Elvis (The Fool)
1973 (1st October)
Raised on Rock / For Ol’ Times Sake
1974 (2nd January)
Elvis A Legendary Performer Volume 1
1974 (20th March)
Good Times
1974 (7th July)
Elvis Recorded Live on Stage in Memphis
1974 (23rd October)
Elvis’ 40 Greatest
1975 (8th January)
Promised Land
1975 (7th May)
1975 (December)
Double Dynamite
1976 (8th January)
Elvis: A Legendary Performer Volume 2
1976 (21st March)
The Sun Sessions
1976 (16th May)
From Elvis Presley Boulevard, Memphis, Tennessee
1977 (17th March)
Welcome to My World
1977 (19th July)
Moody Blue
1977 (3rd October)
Elvis in Concert


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