Edward the Exile Timeline 1016-1057

Edward the ExileFather – Edmund Ironside (990 – 1016)
Mother – Ealdgyth (b. c992)
Spouse – Agatha
Children – Edgar (1051 – 1125), Margaret (b.c 1045), Cristina (b. c1047)


1016 (Spring)
Edward the Exile, was born to Edmund Ironside and his wife Ealdgyth.
1016 (23rd April)
King Aethelred died and Edward’s father, Edmund Ironside, was proclaimed King Edmund II.
1016 (after 18th October)
Edmund Ironside had failed to defeat Cnut and had no choice but to agree to share rule with Cnut. Cnut ruled Northumbria, Mercia and East Anglia while Edmund ruled Wessex. It was agreed that on the death of either party the other would rule all of England.
1016 (30th November)
Edward’s father, Edmund Ironside, died and Cnut seized the throne of England.
1017 (Spring)
Edward’s brother, Edmund, was born to Ealdgyth and posthumously to King Edmund.
1017 (around)
Edward and his brother Edmund, were sent to Sweden to the court of Olof Skotkonung. They were possibly meant to be murdered but were sent to either Kiev or Poland. It is not clear whether their mother, Ealdgyth accompanied them.
1040 (around)
Edward married Agatha, possibly the daughter of Yaroslav of Kiev. The exact date of Edward’s marriage is not known. His eldest daughter Margaret was born around 1045, so around 1040 is a likely date.
1045 (around)
A daughter, Margaret, was born to Edward and Agatha in Hungary.
1047 (around)
A daughter, Cristina, was born to Edward and Agatha in Hungary.
1051 (around)
A son, Edgar, was born to Edward and Agatha in Hungary. He was styled Aetheling being the grandson of a King of England.
1054 (during)
King Edward the Confessor learned that the Edward was still alive and sent Ealdred, Bishop of Worcester to effect his return to England.
1056 (during)
King Edward the Confessor of England sent Harold Godwinson to try to negotiate the return of Edward and his family to England. It is almost certain that the King wanted to make Edward his heir.
1057 (April)
Edward and his family returned to England.
1057 (19th April)
Edward died. There is no record of his being in poor health so it is likely he was murdered. He was buried in St Paul’s Cathedral.


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