Conan II Duke of Brittany Timeline 1033-1066

Father – Alan III of Brittany (997 – 1040)
Mother – Bertha of Blois (1005 – 1080)
Spouse – None
Children – None


1033 (around)
Conan II of Brittany was born to Alan III, Duke of Brittany and Bertha of Blois at Rennes, Brittany. He was the couple’s first child.
1034 (around)
Conan’s sister, Emma, was born to Alan III, Duke of Brittany and Bertha of Blois. She died at a young age.
1037 (around)
Conan’s sister, Hawise, was born to Alan III, Duke of Brittany and Bertha of Blois.
1040 (1st October)
Conan became Conan II Duke of Brittany after his father died while laying siege to a castle in Normandy. Some sources indicate that his father may have been poisoned. Conan’s uncle Odo acted as regent because Conan was under age.
1046 (mid May)
Conan of Brittany’s mother married Hugh IV, Count of Maine.
1055 (around)
Conan of Brittany’s uncle Odo refused to give up the regency and continued to rule even though Conan had reached his majority.
1057 (during)
Conan managed to capture his uncle. He had him imprisoned and kept in chains.
1064 (during)
War broke out between Brittany and Normandy after William Duke of Normandy supported a rebellion against Conan’s rule led by Rivallon I of Dol.
1065 (during)
Battle of Dinan
William decided to invade Brittany and force Conan to submit. William was supported by Harold Godwinson who had been shipwrecked off the coast of Ponthieu. Harold is reported to have saved two Norman soldiers from being devoured by quicksand. William’s army gained the upper hand and Conan was forced to surrender at Chateau de Dinan.
1066 (Summer)
William Duke of Normandy asked Conan to join him in his invasion of England. Conan refused the offer.
1066 (late Summer)
William, Duke of Normandy, sent a message to the leaders of all neighbouring lands asking them not to invade Normandy while he was away fighting in England. The message reminded them that he had the Pope’s backing.
1066 (late Summer)
Conan sent a message to William, Duke of Normandy saying that if he was absent from Normandy then he would definitely attack.
1066 (11 December)
Conan died. His death may have been caused by poison on his gloves.


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