Carlo de Medici Timeline 1430-1492

Carlo de Medici

Born – 1430
Died – 29th May 1492
FatherCosimo de Medici (1389 – 1464)
Mother -Maddalena
Spouse – Unmarried
Children – None


1430 (around)
Carlo de Medici, was born illegitimately to Cosimo de Medici and a slave woman named Maddalena in Florence. It is believed that Carlo’s mother was a Circassian (from the north-eastern coast of the Black Sea). Carlo was acknowledged by his father and raised in the Medici household.
1433 (September)
Carlo’s father had many rivals who wanted to bring the Medici family down. They accused Cosimo of rising above his station, a serious crime in democratic Florence, and he was arrested and imprisoned then exiled. He left Florence for Padua taking his bank with him.
1434 (during)
In Florence the loss of the Medici bank had a negative effect on the economy and Cosimo was invited to return. On his return his opponents were exiled.
1436 (around)
Cosimo directed that Carlo should be given a good education so that his illegitimacy did not prevent his advancement.
1450 (during)
Carlo’s father, Cosimo, insisted that he enter the church and he became canon of Florence Cathedral.
1452 (around)
Carlo de Medici was appointed rector of Pieve di Santa Maria in Mugello.
1460 (around)
Carlo de Medici was appointed Abbot of San Salvatore, Vaiano, Prato.
1463 (around)
Carlo de Medici was appointed Protonotary Apostolic by the Pope. This gave Carlo special privileges and he became Papal tax collector for the region.
1464 (1st August)
Cosimo de Medici died at his country house at Careggi. He was buried in the Church of San Lorenzo. His son, Piero succeeded him as head of the Medici family.
1465 (around)
Carlo became dean of Prato, Tuscany.
1465 (during)
The artist Filippo Lippi completed a series of paintings entitled Stories of St Stephen and St John the Baptist for the Cathedral of Prato. Carlo is depicted as one of the mourners in the Funeral of St Stephen.
1466 (during)
The artist Andrea Mantegna painted a portrait of Carlo.
1469 (4th June)
When Lorenzo de Medici married Clarice Orsini in Florence, Carlo and Tommaso Soderini led the wedding party to the Medici Palace.
1469 (after 4th June)
Carlo hosted a banquet for up to one thousand people as part of the celebrations to mark the wedding of Lorenzo and Clarice.
1469 (2nd December)
Lorenzo became head of the family when his father, Piero de Medici, died of gout and lung disease. He ruled Florence with the help of his younger brother Giuliano. Lorenzo was given the nickname the Magnificent because of his political acumen and patronage of the arts.
1478 (26th April)
Pazzi Conspiracy
During the Easter service Lorenzo and Giuliano were attacked by Members of the Pazzi family. Lorenzo was injured but managed to get to the safety of the sacristy. Giuliano died after being struck on the head by Bernardo Bandini dei Baroncelli and stabbed 19 times by Francesco de Pazzi.
1492 (23rd March)
Giovanni de Medici, 16 year old son of Carlo’s nephew, Lorenzo de Medici, was created a Cardinal in Rome.
1492 (29th May)
Carlo de Medici died.


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