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Boris Johnson Timeline

Born – 19th June 1964
Father – Stanley Johnson (1940 – )
Mother – Charlotte Fawcett (1942 – )
Partners – 1. Allegra Mostyn-Owen (m. 1987), 2. Marina Wheeler (m. 1993), 3. Carrie Symonds (m. 2021)
Children – by Marina Wheeler – Lara Lettice (b. 1993), Milo Arthur (b. 1995), Cassia Peaches (b. 1997);
by Carrie Symonds – Wilfred (b. 2020), Romy (b. 2021)
UK Prime Minister – 2019 – Present
Preceded by – Theresa May 2016 – 2019
Succeeded by – 


Boris Johnson Timeline – Early Years

1964 (19th June)
Boris Johnson was born Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson to Stanley Johnson and Charlotte nee Fawcett in New York City, United States. Stanley and Charlotte had moved to New York because Stanley was studying economics at Columbia University. Boris held dual nationality being both a UK and US citizen.
1964 (September)
Boris and his parents moved back to England so that his mother could begin her studies at Oxford University. They lived near Oxford.
1965 (July)
The family moved to Crouch End, north London.
1965 (3rd September)
Boris’ sister, Rachel Sabiha was born to Stanley Johnson and Charlotte nee Fawcett in Westminster, London.
1966 (February)
The family moved to Washington DC, United States because Stanley had taken a job with thge World Bank.
1967 (September)
Boris’ brother, Leo, was born to Stanley Johnson and Charlotte nee Fawcett in Washington DC, United States.
1969 (during)
The family returned to the United Kingdom and lived on a farm at Winsford, Somerset.
1969 (Autumn)
Stanley Johnson began post-doctoral research at the London School of Economics and the family moved to west London.
1970 (during)
The family moved to Primrose Hill, London.
1970 (September)
Boris attended Primrose Hill Primary School.
1971 (23rd December)
Boris’ brother, Joseph Edmund, known as Jo, was born to Stanley Johnson and Charlotte nee Fawcett in Westminster, London.
1971 (3rd September)
Boris’ sister, Rachel Sabiha was born to Stanley Johnson and Charlotte nee Fawcett in Westminster, London.
1973 (April)
Stanley Johnson took a job with the European Commission in Brussels and so the family moved again, to Brussels. Boris was enrolled at the European School in Brussels.
1975 (during)
Charlotte Johnson, Boris’ mother, suffered a nervous breakdown.
1975 (September)
Boris was sent back to England where he attended Ashdown House, a private boarding school.
1977 (September)
Johnson began studying at Eton College, having gained a scholarship. There he met lifelong friends Darius Guppy and Charles Spencer, younger brother of Diana, Princess of Wales.
1978 (during)
Boris’ parents separated.
1980 (during)
Boris Johnson’s parents divorced. His mother moved to Notting Hill.
1982 (during)
Having left Eton, Johnson spent a gap year in Australia teaching English and Latin at Timbertop, a boarding school in Victoria.
1983 (Autumn)
Johnson enrolled at Balliol College, Oxford, where he studied, the Classics, philosophy and ancient literature. At Oxford he met David Cameron, William Hague, Michael Gove, Jeremy Hunt and Nick Boles
1987 (Summer)
Johnson left Oxford University with an upper second-class honours degree.
1987 (September)
Boris Johnson married Allegra Mostyn-Owen, a fellow Oxford student, daughter of art historian William Mostyn-Owen in West Felton, Shropshire.
1987 (September)
Boris and Allegra spent their honeymoon in Egypt before making their home in West Kensington, London.
1987 (October)
Johnson began a position at LEK Consulting but only remained there for a week.

Boris Johnson Timeline – Journalist Career

1987 (late)
Johnson began working at The Times Newspaper as a trainee journalist. However, he was sacked after writing an article which included a quote, attributed to Colin Lucas, which he actually made up.
1988 (during)
Boris Johnson was given a position at The Daily Telegraph newspaper by editor, Max Hastings, a fellow Oxford student.
1989 (early)
Boris was sent to Brussels by The Daily Telegraph to report on the European Commission. He held the position for five years.
1990 (February)
Johnson and wife Allegra separated.
1990 (during)
Boris Johnson began a relationship with his childhood friend, Marina Wheeler.
1993 (April)
Johnson and wife Allegra divorced.
1993 (May)
Boris Johnson married Marina Wheeler in Horsham, Sussex.
1993 (12th June)
A daughter, Lara Lettice, was born to Boris Johnson and Marina Wheeler.
1994 (during)
Johnson became assistant editor and chief political columnist at The Daily Telegraph.
1995 (during)
A son, Milo Arthur, was born to Boris Johnson and Marina Wheeler.
1995 (during)
A recording of a telephone conversation between Johnson and his friend Darius Guppy caused a scandal when it became public. In the conversation Guppy had admitted insurance fraud and asked for Johnson’s help in securing the address of the journalist who had exposed the fraud. Johnson stated categorically that he had refused to supply the journalist’s address.
1997 (May)
Boris Johnson stood as Conservative candidate for Clwyd South, but was beaten by Labour candidate Martyn Jones.
1997 (12th June)
A daughter, Cassia Peaches, was born to Boris Johnson and Marina Wheeler.
1998 (April)
Boris Johnson appeared on the current affairs show ‘Have I Got News For You’ for the first time. He was popular with viewers.
1999 (during)
A son, Theodore Apollo, was born to Boris Johnson and Marina Wheeler.
1999 (during)
Johnson agreed to shelve his wish to become a Member of Parliament in return for a position as editor of The Spectator.

Boris Johnson Timeline – Political Career

2001 (7th June)
Boris Johnson was elected Conservative Member of Parliament for Henley in the General Election. The Labour Party had won the election so he became a member of the opposition. He retained his position as editor of The Spectator.
2001 (Summer)
Johnson brought a property near Thame in Oxfordshire to be near his new constituency.
2002 (June)
Boris Johnson published the book ‘Friends, Voters, Countrymen: Jottings on the Stump’ which details his 2001 election campaign.
2004 (September)
Johnson published the novel ‘Seventy Two Virgins’ a political satire.
2004 (May)
Michael Howard appointed Johnson shadow Arts Minister.
2004 (19th January)
A daughter, Nancy Gwen Beatrice was born at Westminster, London.
2004 (November)
Michael Howard sacked Johnson after it was revealed that he was having an affair with Petronella Wyatt, a journalist for The Spectator.
2005 (5th May)
Johnson was re-elected as Member of Parliament for Henley. The Conservatives were again defeated by the Labour Party. Johnson was appointed shadow Higher Education Minister.
2005 (May)
Conservative Party leader, Michael Howard, announced his resignation as leader of the Party. Elections for a new leader would be held in October.
2005 (6th December)
It was announced that David Cameron had been elected leader of the Conservative Party.
2006 (April)
It was alleged that Johnson was involved with journalist Anna Fazackerley and had given her a job.
2006 (28th January)
Johnson’s book ‘The Dream of Rome’ was published.
2007 (July)
Boris Johnson announced his intention to stand for election as Conservative candidate for Mayor of London.
2008 (May)
Boris Johnson was elected Mayor of London. He resigned his position as MP for Henley.
2008 (July)
Johnson visited the closing ceremony of the 2008 Summer Olympics for the handover to London as the next venue for the Olympics.
2009 (during)
It was alleged that Boris Johnson was involved in a relationship with Helen Macintyre and that he was the father of her child. Boris did not deny the allegation.
2010 (July)
Boris introduced a public cycle hire system, popularly known as Boris’ Bikes, into London.
2012 (May)
Boris Johnson was re-elected Mayor of London after defeating Labour candidate, Ken Livingstone.
2012 (27th July)
The London Summer Olympic Games opened.
2014 (23rd October)
Boris Johnson published ‘The Churchill Factor’ a biography of Winston Churchill.
2015 (7th May)
Boris was elected Member of Parliament for Uxbridge and South Ruislip.
2015 (7th May)
The Conservative Party had won the election. Prime Minister, David Cameron, had promised that an ‘in-out’ referendum on Britain’s membership of the European Union would be held.
2016 (during)
To emphasise his commitment to the United Kingdom, Boris renounced his United States’ citizenship.
2016 (February)
Johnson declared himself as being in favour of Britain leaving the European Union (Brexit).
2016 (5th May)
Boris Johnson stood down as Mayor of London.
2016 (24th June)
The British people voted to leave the European Union. Prime Minister David Cameron resigned.
2016 (11th July)
Theresa May became Prime Minister of Britain. She appointed Johnson as Foreign Secretary
2018 (July)
Johnson resigned as Foreign Secretary because he did not agree with Theresa May’s plans for Brexit.
2018 (September)
Boris Johnson and his wife Marina Wheeler announced that they had separated some time ago and were to get divorced.
2019 (during)
It was announced that Boris Johnson was co-habiting with Carrie Symonds.
2019 (7th June)
Unable to get her Brexit deal through Parliament, Theresa May resigned as Prime Minister.
2019 (12th June)
Johnson announced his intention to stand for election as leader of the Conservative Party.

Boris Johnson Timeline – Prime Minister

2019 (24th July)
Boris Johnson was elected leader of the Conservative Party and became Prime Minister. He immediately started putting in place steps for the UK to leave the EU on 31st October.
2019 (28th August)
Johnson asked Queen Elizabeth II to prorogue parliament from 10th September. This was later challenged in court and deemed illegal.
2019 (September)
The Sunday Times revealed that in 2013 Johnson had given preferential treatment to Jennifer Arcuri and awarded contracts to her tech company.
2019 (12th December)
Boris Johnson and the Conservative Party won the general election with a large majority.
2020 (31st January)
The UK officially left the European Union.
2020 (31st January)
The first case of coronavirus was reported in the United Kingdom.
2020 (19th February)
Boris Johnson and Carrie Symonds announced that they were engaged and expecting a baby in the Summer.
2020 (23rd March)
Boris Johnson issued a ‘stay at home’ order to prevent the spread of coronavirus. People were told they could only leave home for shopping, exercise, medical need and essential work.
2020 (27th March)
It was announced that Boris Johnson had tested positive for coronavirus.
2020 (5th April)
Boris Johnson was admitted to St Thomas’ Hospital in London. He remained in hospital for eight days and then spent a period of convalescence at Chequers.
2020 (27th April)
Johnson returned to work.
2020 (29th April)
A son, Wilfrid Lawrie Nicholas was born to Boris Johnson and Carrie Symonds at University College London Hospital.
2020 (30th June)
Johnson set out a New Deal to help the British economy bounce back from the effects of the Coronavirus pandemic.
2020 (31st October)
A second national lockdown was announced amid rising Coronavirus cases.
2020 (8th December)
The UK was the first country to begin vaccinating the population against Coronavirus.
2020 (21st December)
Coronavirus cases continued to rise and it was announced that the planned easing of restrictions over Christmas was cancelled.
2021 (4th January)
A third national lockdown began to help reduced cases of Covid-19 while a comprehensive vaccination programme was rolled out.
2021 (April)
Johnson denied claims that in October 2020 he had stated that he would rather ‘let the bodies pile high in their thousands’ than have a second lockdown.
2021 (26th May)
Johnson’s former advisor, Dominic Cummings, gave testimony to Parliament. He stated that the government’s handling of the Coronavirus had been inept and that Johnson was ‘unfit for the job’. He also said that ‘tens of thousands of people died who didn’t need to die’.
2021 (29th May)
Boris Johnson married Carrie Symonds in a small private ceremony in Westminster Cathedral.
2021 (9th December)
A daughter, Romy Iris Charlotte was born to Boris Johnson and Carrie Symonds in London.
2022 (January)
It was revealed that a number of parties had been held at Downing Street, and attended by the Prime Minister, during lockdown.
2022 (24th February)
Russia invaded Ukraine. Johnson condemned Russia’s actions and worked to impose sanctions on Russia.
2022 (12th April)
Boris Johnson was issued a fixed penalty fine of £50 for breaking lockdown. This made him the first British Prime Minister to break the law while in office.
2022 (25th May)
The Sue Gray report into the holding of parties during lockdown was published. It revealed full details of the nature of the gatherings. Johnson took responsibility for the parties and faced renewed calls to resign.
2022 (6th June)
Boris Johnson faced another vote of no confidence by members of his own party. Although he won the vote, 40% voted against him. Johnson still refused to resign.
2022 (24th June)
The Conservative Party was defeated in two by-elections. There were renewed calls for Johnson to resign.
2022 (30th June)
Johnson came under renewed criticism after it emerged that he had appointed Chris Pincher as deputy Chief Whip while knowing he was facing allegations of inappropriate behaviour.
2022 (5th July)
Cabinet members Rishi Sunak and Sajid Javid resigned.
2022 (6th July)
Boris Johnson remained defiant in the face of increased criticism, calls to resign and the resignation of around 40 members of his government.
2022 (7th July)
It was announced that Boris Johnson would stand down as leader of the Conservative Party but would remain in office until a new leader was elected.


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