Atlantic Hurricanes and Storms 2018

Atlantic Hurricanes and Storms 2018

This timeline details all Atlantic Hurricanes and Storms 2018

Subtropical Storm Alberto
May 25th to 31st
Areas Affected:
Cayman Islands, Cuba, Ontario, South east USA, Mid West USA, Yucatan Peninsula
Category 1 hurricane Beryl
July 5th to 16th
Areas Affected:
Lesser Antilles, Bahamas, Bermuda, East Cuba, Domincan Republic, Haiti, Puerto Rico
Category 2 hurricane Chris
July 6th to 12th
Areas Affected:
Atlantic Canada, Bermuda, East USA, Iceland
Tropical Storm Debby
August 7th to 9th
Areas Affected:
Tropical Storm Ernesto
August 15th to 18th
Areas Affected:
Ireland, UK
Category 4 Hurricane Florence
August 31st to September 17th
Areas Affected:
Bermuda, Cape Verde, Eastern United States
Tropical Storm Gordon
September 3rd to 8th
Areas Affected:
Bahamas, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Haiti, US Gulf Coast, Eastern US
Category 2 hurricane Helene
September 7th to 16th
Areas Affected:
West Africa, Azores, Cape Verde, Ireland, UK
Category 1 hurricane Isaac
September 7th to 15th
Areas Affected:
West Africa, Lesser Antilles, Haiti, Jamaica
Tropical storm Joyce
September 12th to 19th
Areas Affected:
Tropical storm Kirk
September 22nd to 29th
Areas Affected:
Lesser Antilles
Category 1 hurricane Leslie
September 23rd to October 13th
Areas Affected:
Azores, Bermuda, Eastern USA, France, Madeira, Portugal, Spain
Category 4 hurricane Michael
October 7th to 12th
Areas Affected:
Cayman Islands, Central America, Cuba, East and South USA, Canada, Spain, Portugal
Tropical storm Nadine
October 9th to 13th
Areas Affected:
Category 2 hurricane Oscar
October 27th to 31st
Areas Affected:



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Harvard Reference for Atlantic Hurricanes and Storms 2018:

Heather Y Wheeler. (2018 – 2022). Atlantic Hurricanes and Storms 2018. Last accessed [date]

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