Adele Singles in Order of Release

Adele Singles in Order of Release

With a voice that effortlessly traverses the terrains of soulful depth and pop accessibility, Adele Laurie Blue Adkins (universally known as Adele) has etched an indelible mark upon the global music canvas. Since emerging into the musical spotlight in 2006, the Tottenham-native has unveiled a string of hits, each imprinted with her signature vocal prowess and emotive lyricism.

Adele’s singles, often characterized by heart-wrenching ballads and profound narratives, navigate through the intricacies of love, heartbreak, and reflection. As we traverse through Adele’s melodious timeline, let’s reacquaint ourselves with the notes that have underscored moments of collective joy, sorrow, and introspection across a global tapestry of listeners.

Hometown Glory

Released: 22nd October 2007

An emotive ballad that serves as a paean to Adele’s hometown, West Norwood in London, capturing a nostalgic and genuine love for the locale.
The single charted at number 19 on the UK Singles Chart, earning itself a nomination for a Grammy Award for Best Female Pop Vocal Performance.

Chasing Pavements

Released: 14th January 2008

This is a contemplative track exploring the futile pursuit of an unattainable love, encapsulating heartbreak and resolve. The single peaked at number 2 on the UK Singles Chart and reached number 21 on the US Billboard Hot 100. Not only that, but it also earned three Grammy nominations, including Record of the Year.

Cold Shoulder

Released: 21st April 2008

Cold Shoulder is a bluesy track that speaks of unreciprocated love and emotional distance. The song peaked at number 18 on the UK Singles Chart, and while it’s not as heavily awarded as some other tracks, it was a pivotal track in establishing Adele’s unique sound.

Make You Feel My Love

Released: 27th October 2008

This is beautiful, soul-stirring ballad that speaks of unwavering support and deep affection, originally written by Bob Dylan. The single peaked at number 4 on the UK Singles Chart but it did not win any awards.

Rolling In The Deep

Released: 29th November 2010

Rolling in the Deep is a powerful revenge anthem blending pop, soul, and a punchy rhythm that talks of betrayal and resurrection. It’s easily one of Adele’s biggest tracks. This single reached number one in 11 countries and topped the Billboard Hot 100 in the US. Not only that, it won three Grammy Awards, including Record of the Year.

Someone Like You

Released: 9th August 2011

This is a poignant ballad that navigates through the corridors of lost love and acceptance. It secured the number one spot in the UK and the US (Billboard Hot 100). It was also awarded the Brit Award for British Single of the Year.

Set Fire To The Rain

Released: 21st November 2011

A powerful and dramatic ballad that speaks of a painful love. The song blends melancholy lyrics with an orchestral backdrop and was widely praised for Adele’s impassioned vocal delivery.

The song was a commercial success, reaching No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 in the United States and number 11 spot in the UK. The song also earned a Grammy Award for Best Pop Solo Performance in 2013.

Rumour Has It

Released: 5th November 2011

An upbeat track featuring a rhythmic, pounding beat with a retro, soulful vibe. Lyrically, it deals with the aftermath of a failed relationship and the rumors that circulate afterward.

The track charted well in the US (not so much in the UK), reaching No. 16 on the US Billboard Hot 100 and receiving multi-platinum certification.

Turning Tables

Released: 5th November 2011

A poignant ballad in which Adele confronts a tumultuous relationship. The metaphor of “turning tables” signifies Adele taking control of the situation. The song did quite well on charts around the world, though it didn’t reach the top-tier positions of some of her other singles.


Released: 5th October 2012

Skyfall evokes the classic Bond themes, blending hauntingly rich vocals with a lush, orchestral arrangement. Adele sings of resilience and resolve amidst danger.

Skyfall was a global hit, peaking at No. 2 on the UK Singles Chart and No. 8 on the US Billboard Hot 100. It also won the Academy Award for Best Original Song and the Grammy Award for Best Song Written for Visual Media.


Released: 23rd October 2015

Hello is a soulful ballad that talks about nostalgia and regret from a failed relationship. Adele’s powerful vocals against a minimalist musical backdrop captivated listeners worldwide.

Hello was a massive hit, topping charts internationally, including reaching No. 1 on the US Billboard Hot 100 and No. 1 on the UK Singles Chart. The song also won three Grammy Awards in 2017: Record of the Year, Song of the Year, and Best Pop Solo Performance.

When We Were Young

Released: 22nd January 2016

When We Were Young is a reflective track, with Adele expressing the longing for and glorification of the past, filled with soaring vocals and heartfelt lyrics.

The song peaked at No. 14 on the US Billboard Hot 100 and No. 9 on the UK Singles Chart. Despite its commercial success and critical acclaim, the song did not win major awards, but it did cement Adele’s status as a powerhouse vocalist and emotive songwriter.

Send My Love (To Your New Lover)

Released: 16th May 2016

A pop song with an upbeat melody; Adele’s delivery is empowering, conveying a message of liberation and closure. It achieved significant commercial success, reaching No. 8 on the US Billboard Hot 100 and receiving positive reviews for its vibrant and different sound in comparison to Adele’s traditional style.

Water Under the Bridge

Released: 14th November 2016

Water Under the Bridge is a track that speaks about doubt and fear in a relationship, looking for reassurance that the love is genuine and not fleeting. The music is melodically rich and pairs well with Adele’s potent vocals. It charted reasonably well, reaching No. 26 on the US Billboard Hot 100 but everywhere else it struggled to reach the top 20 in the charts. 

Easy on Me

Released: 15th November 2021

Easy on Me is a ballad in which Adele talks about self-forgiveness and personal growth following the end of a relationship. Her signature powerful and emotive vocal style is at the forefront and as such, it’s no surprise that the song was a colossal success when it released, debuting at No. 1 on the UK Singles Chart and the US Billboard Hot 100. Interestingly, the only place it didn’t top the charts was in France, where it ended up at No. 2.

Oh My God

Released: 29th November 2021

A track that blends pop with a soulful melody, providing a refreshing and somewhat playful sound. Adele explores themes of self-realization and the tumult of navigating through emotional upheaval. The song reached No. 2 on the UK Singles Chart and No. 5 on the US Billboard Hot 100. 

I Drink Wine

Released: 4th November 2022

I Drink Wine is a soulful melody where Adele reflects on the complexities of aging, change, and the pursuit of genuine happiness. It’s rich, deep, and provides a contemplative atmosphere. In terms of chart success, it topped out in the UK at No. 4.

Adele’s work consistently brings forth a blend of vulnerability, raw emotion, and vocal prowess that deeply resonates with her audience. Her ability to convey universal emotions through her music has been a key aspect of her wide-reaching and enduring appeal.

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